Digital Care

Security, Privacy, Performance Tools
  • Provides real-time threat protection and malware removal
  • Deep cleans your PC to free up space and protect your privacy
  • Boosts the speed and overall performance of your PC
  • Offers trustworthy, dedicated North American support


Unlock your PC’s full potential with Digital Care – a simple, all-in-one way to take control of your computer’s everything. One dashboard gives you access to scans and tools for security and antivirus protection, privacy scans, digital shredders, performance scans, clean up tools – and more.

Backed by a knowledgeable tech support team based in North America, Digital Care gives you the flexibility and guidance to customize and automate your PC’s security and maintenance. With dozens of tools you can actually use, and new features being added regularly, you can finally start living your digital life to the fullest.

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System Requirements

  • Running Windows® 10, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 8, Windows® 7
  • Internet connection
  • 450 MB free hard disk space *
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or above,
  • Logged on as administrator
  • 2 GB Memory (RAM)
  • 1 GHz Processor Speed

*Initial install requires 250MB of space, anti-virus definitions downloaded after install require an additional 180MB


Explore the feature sets below to see how Digital Care can help you get the most out of your PC. And don’t take our word for it: Try Digital Care free with a 15-day trial. Your download will unlock free lifetime use of some of our best tools!


Digital Care offers full security protection to neutralize existing threats and protect against future attacks. With regular security updates, automated scans, and real-time protection tools, your PC will be protected using six modes of cyber threat defense.

Quick Scan

Stop malware threats before they take root in your system with daily scans of your computer’s most targeted zones Regular updates and a power database tracks the latest threats so potential problems are flagged at first detection.

Full Scan

Ensure no traces of threats remain with weekly deep-cleaning malware scans of your computer’s full system. Pro tip: Enable automatic scans and never miss a deep cleaning!

Active Protection

Block incoming malware and virus threats in real-time and be informed of any intercepted threats immediately. This automated warning system prevents infections before a scan or clean is even necessary.

Web Defender

Protect your PC while you browse the web with live monitoring of online threats. Prevent access to malicious websites and customize the defender to allow websites that you know are safe.


Dispose of flagged threats safely with secure quarantine storage. Be alerted when a threat is added – review it at your convenience.


Stay secure in all the right places: Network threats are monitored according to the level of security of each network that your computer might access.


Modern computers create unnecessary privacy risks when they store information about every action taken, each piece of data accessed and all emails sent. Digital Care keeps you protected against identity theft and other privacy issues with six complete cleanup scans and two powerful, permanent data shredders.

System Cleanup

Prevent temporary files and other unwanted items from building up privacy issues. Unnecessary clutter slows down your PC: A full system cleanup can result in quicker response times and overall enhanced performance.

Delete Internet History

Safeguard credit card, banking, health care, and other sensitive account formation by regularly removing tracking cookies and clearing all your different browsers’ cache with one click.

Erase Windows History

Protect your privacy – especially if your computer has shared access. Windows keeps a history of every time you access a program, file, or folder on your PC. Data about recently accessed programs, search history, log files and MS Office history can all be wiped clean regularly.

Clear Application History

Free up disk space and keep your computer activity secure: Delete cached application history, login details, purchase and download information, instant messaging and chat history.

Email Cleanup

Clean up your inbox and increase storage space with a permanent delete of old messages. Remember: Archiving messages means they can still be accessed later!

Deep Clean

Want to achieve ultimate privacy? With a single scan, you can prevent system errors, improve storage space, and remove your digital footprint from your computer.

Shred Digital Files + Recycle Bin

Permanently remove unwanted files with military-grade digital shredding. Digital Care’s shredder overwrites with new data up to seven times, leaving no trace of the original data. Shredding files not only safely removes them, it also frees up space to store new files.


Unlock your PC’s true performance with Digital Care’s growing performance toolkit. Clean up junk files and free up space for a faster digital life, without risking registry errors or accidental removal of important data and files. Customize how your tasks and applications behave to improve how your computer runs every day.

Junk Files Cleanup

Throw out the trash to keep your computer performing at its peak! Unnecessary junk files build up with normal use, so automate this cleanup for easy routine maintenance.

Registry Cleaner

Keep your Windows Registry clean and efficient with a safe way to edit and manage processes. Improve application performance and response times without dealing with complicated hidden data.


Enhance response times and performance by defragmenting your drives. Over time, files stored on your PC fragment and can interfere with your computer’s speed, and it’s important to defrag your drives as part of regular computer maintenance.

Startup Optimizer

Manage your startup items to improve startup time and overall responsiveness. Your computer’s startup time can increase drastically when too many programs attempt to launch when you turn on your computer. Get recommendations from Digital Care to help you optimize your startup items for the best result possible.

Scheduled Task Manager

Select which scheduled tasks you’d like to run on your PC to keep your system running exactly how you want. Get recommendations from Digital Care to help you choose when to disable scheduled tasks for improved PC performance.

File Extension Manager

Confidently choose the right applications for all of your files with Digital Care. With the help of Digital Care, you can open a wide variety of file types including videos, email attachments, images, and other important documents on your PC.



Clean and protect your PC with just one scan. Digital Care frees your PC of any detected performance issues, privacy risks, and security threats, all from one powerful scan.

One Scan, Your Entire PC

Simply run one scan to deep clean your computer with Digital Care. The full suite of Performance, Privacy, and Security scans will run consecutively, making total PC maintenance as easy as the click of a button.


Reports provide a detailed view of Digital Care’s activity on your computer, from detection and cleaning summaries to how much disk space has been saved, and more! Review weekly, monthly, and all-time reports to see just how much Digital Care is doing for you and your PC.

Detailed Reports

Get information about Privacy, Performance, and Security scans, including scans performed and items cleaned.

Disk Space Saved

Find out how much disk space Digital Care has saved, making room for all of your other important files and documents.

Total Startup Time

Curious to know how long your PC takes to startup? Digital Care’s Reports will display this information so you know exactly how much time it takes to boot up your PC.

Account Details

Get a quick view of your current account type, along with how much time is left on your account.


Digital Care is constantly evolving to keep up with the fast-moving digital world and subscribers get access to all of these new features as soon as they are released. Subscribe now to get all of Digital Cares great tools as well as these coming soon!