4 Free Meditation Apps for Peace of Mind

Guided meditation is just a tap away...

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Want a simple way to unwind and de-stress after a long day? Whether you need five minutes or a full hour, relaxing with one of the free meditation apps below can help you achieve peace of mind.

We’ve all probably experienced some form of stress: whether it’s related to your current finances, family dynamics, work tensions, or even just managing a full schedule, stress is a common issue many of us face. Unfortunately, stress doesn’t just account for the occasional sleepless night, as it can negatively impact your mental and physical health.

One powerful and free tool that anyone can harness to overcome stress—among other mental and physical ailments—is meditation.

De-stress with Free Meditation Apps

Trying one of the following free meditation apps could be the key to your relaxation, and even your health.


Headspace offers a free Take 10 program that offers 10-minute meditation sessions that you can listen to straight from your smartphone or tablet. For extra food for thought and meditation tips, check out their blog.

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Get 25 meditation audio files when you sign up for free to get started in your meditation adventures. If you listen through the free files and want more, you can upgrade in-app and get access to thousands of additional meditation practices.

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Create an account and track your progress through various meditation programs. Fall asleep with a Sleep Story, or try one of the multi-day meditation programs such as 7 Days of Gratitude and 21 Days of Calm.  Read through their Mindfulness Tips to help you manage many of life’s stressful events.

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4Smiling Mind

Guided meditations are grouped by age group and areas of interest to help you select the most appropriate program. Excellent for both adults and school-aged individuals who want to get an early start in life with meditation.

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5Bonus: MINDBODY App

If you’ve tried free meditation apps on your own and now want to try it out in a group environment, most cities offer guided meditation classes. Not sure where to look? Try the MINDBODY app, which helps you find local fitness groups and classes near you.

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