7 Awesome Reasons to Get Your First Digital Camera

Make your photography dreams a reality...

first digital camera

Digital compact cameras and smartphones are powerful tools for taking photographs, and they are packed with features to help you to get great results. They are small and light so you can take them anywhere. You don’t really need any technical knowledge to use them. However, if you develop an interest in photography and want to take professional looking pictures, you should consider upgrading to your first digital camera. A DSLR (digital single-lense reflex) camera can open up exciting new worlds of photography.

7 Reasons Why a Digital SLR Camera is Right For You

The following seven reasons will help you to understand why serious photographers use DSLR cameras.

1) You can switch lenses

first-digital-camera-lensesThe zoom lenses on digital compacts are great, but they are an integral part of the camera and only offer a limited range. Upgrading to a DSLR camera means you can remove the lens and experiment with different options. For example, telephoto lenses open up the world of sport and action photography. Different focal lengths suit different subjects and styles of photography, and buying a DSLR means you can use hundreds of different lenses.

2) The range of functions give you greater creative control

Mastering the controls on your first digital camera can take some time, but it’s worth the effort for the shots you can produce. Being able to select aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings means you have total control over the results. An experienced DSLR photographer can capture water drops falling from a leaf, record images of stars moving in the night sky and shoot perfect sunsets.

3) You can shoot in a variety of lighting conditions

first-digital-camera-nightThe advanced metering systems and ISO ranges of modern DSLR cameras mean you can capture correctly exposed pictures in most conditions. Basic compact cameras often under or over expose images taken in bright sunlight or other challenging lighting. A DSLR offers multiple exposure modes to deal with everything from night photography to indoor sports.

4) You can focus instantly

Problems with focusing in a photograph can be very frustrating. An otherwise great image can be ruined if the camera doesn’t focus correctly. The technology in DSLR cameras means focusing is instant, and the subject is only out of focus if the photographer makes a mistake. If you’re shooting fast moving subjects like wildlife or motor sports, a modern DSLR is the only way to guarantee perfect focusing.

5) You can experiment with accessories

first-digital-camera-filtersAdvanced photography techniques require more than cameras and lenses. There are hundreds of accessories to consider one you get your first digital camera, and they can open up new possibilities for creating unique pictures. For example, filters can be fitted to create stunning special effects. Converters and adapters can be attached for macro photography.

6) You can shoot in RAW

Basic cameras capture images in the so called ‘JPEG’ format. This is fine for snapshots, but professional photographers work in the more advanced RAW format. RAW images contain much more data, and they can be edited to enhance the exposure and sharpness. DSLR cameras offer modes for shooting in either JPEG or RAW.

7) DSLRs offer a high pixel count

first-digital-camera-appleIf you want to enlarge your pictures for display, they should be at least eight megapixels in size. Compact cameras typically capture images of three or four megapixels. Most DLSR cameras offer settings for shooting at different quality levels, and these are often upwards of twenty megapixels.

Purchasing your first digital camera isn’t necessarily as expensive as many people expect. They are built to last, and should last many years if looked after. Modern compact cameras are very good, but they don’t offer the range of features of a DSLR.