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If you thought Amazon Prime was the best that online retail giant Amazon had to offer, think again. Amazon has introduced yet another Amazon only brand. The new Wickedly Prime seeks to be the treat your taste buds have been craving.

Introducing Wickedly Prime

Wickedly Prime is the latest addition to Amazon’s private label brands. As the motto “Some eat to live, We live to eat” implies, this brand is focused specifically on food and beverages. It’s exclusive to Prime members.

It’s important to note that there aren’t any additional Amazon Prime membership fees to purchase the products.

Right now, the product line is limited, but will likely expand as Amazon sees how well the products go over with consumers. At the time of writing, Wickedly Prime only has four different products available for purchase, which consist of:

The introductory products work well since they’re great party foods for Super Bowl season. The Wickedly Prime site even features recipe ideas to make the most of the products.

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Wickedly Prime’s Performance

Amazon didn’t have any sort of major announcement concerning Wickedly Prime. Instead, Amazon just added the products to its website. It didn’t take long for consumers to start trying them out.

According to OneClickRetail, Amazon’s new online store is performing well. During the products’ first week, three products saw sales of over $500. The other product had over $100.

Proudly Representing Amazon

Amazon’s first private label brand, Amazon Elements, has been the only brand to prominently feature its affiliation with Amazon. Mama Bear, Happy Belly, and Presto! may be Amazon brands, but no one could tell just by looking at the brands’ messaging.

Wickedly Prime features the “prime” from Amazon Prime and the logo is a slightly altered Amazon smile. Depending upon the success of this brand, future private label ventures from Amazon may also see a clearer tie-in with the current Amazon branding.

Wickedly Prime’s Future

Amazon started its first private label brand in 2014 and it’s still going strong. The introduction of four new brands in 2016 shows that Amazon is serious about not just offering the largest variety of brands, but also its own exclusive brands.

Don’t let the limited selection fool you. Amazon’s description of the brand states “new line of distinctive food and beverages.” Keep checking to see what other tasteful treats Amazon releases.

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