Analog Smartwatch Gift Guide

Timeless timepieces with a tech twist...

Analog Smartwatch gift guide - feature

Smartwatches are incredible gadgets that keep you connected while still showing you the time. The only problem is some people aren’t fond of the modern design. An analog smartwatch is the perfect option for those who want smart, but still love the classic watch look.

Go Classic With an Analog Smartwatch

An analog smartwatch doesn’t look like your normal smartwatch from the outside. Instead, these watches have a classic or traditional design. If you didn’t know it yourself, you wouldn’t realize these watches buzz when you’re getting a call, let you pause your music, or even track fitness goals.

While they don’t have as many functions as a smartwatch, the analog variety combines smart functions with an elegant design.

SKAGEN Analog Smartwatch

Skagen Men’s ‘Hagen’ Quartz Stainless Steel and Leather Automatic Watch

SKAGEN analog smartwatches look like classic timepieces and even feature interchangeable bands to customize your watch. SKAGEN’s Hagen Connected line comes in leather, titanium, and steel-mesh. Prices average around $200.

The watches connect with your smartphone to track fitness activity and notify you about new messages. While you can’t view the messages on the watch, you’ll know when to check your phone.

With a single press of a button, you can also take pictures, control your music, and ring your phone if you lose it. The best part is the watch runs on a coin cell battery and doesn’t need to be charged.

Fossil Q Analog Smartwatches

Fossil Q Crewmaster Hybrid Silver Stainless Steel Smartwatch

Fossil introduced several new smartwatches in 2016. They also introduced their own analog smartwatch, the Q Hybrid smartwatch. The watch is available in a wide range of styles, such as:

  • Silicone
  • Leather
  • Stainless steel
  • Rose gold

From elegant to active style, there is a Q Hybrid to match everyone’s lifestyle. These watches alert you to incoming calls and notifications just by the way the watch hands move. They’re also designed to track fitness and sleep. A small button allows you to control music, take photos, and ring your phone.

No charging is required. The Fossil Q Hybrid watches cost around $200 on average.

Mondaine Helvetica Analog Smartwatch

Mondaine Men’s ‘Helvetica’ Quartz Stainless Steel and Rubber Casual Watch

Swiss watch making meets smartwatch technology with the Mondaine Helvetica smartwatch series. These watches feature the superior craftsmanship and quality you’ve come to expect from Mondaine watches. These watches cost around $1,000 on average.

This analog smartwatch line is focused on sleep and activity tracking. They feature MotionX technology for activity tracking and Sleeptracker technology for sleep monitoring. You receive activity alerts, sleep cycle alarms, and adaptive coaching.

All the data gathered is available on the MotionX cloud to easily keep track of your goals. When you sleep, you can wear the watch or place it under your pillow. The battery is designed to last at least two years.

Garmin Vivomove Analog Smartwatch

Garmin vívomove Classic – Rose Gold-Tone with Leather Band

Style meets fitness tracker with the Garmin Viovmove analog smartwatch. The watch connects to the Garmin Connect Mobile app to view your activity details easily.

Classic black, brown, and white bands work perfectly for any lifestyle. The watch face tracks your steps and even encourages you to move, yet still uses traditional hands to show time. Every 15 minutes of inactivity, the red bar grows to let you know you need to get active.

In addition to activity monitoring, the watch also tracks sleep. These watches range from $150 to $250.

Nevo Analog Smartwatch

EMIE Nevo Balade Parisienne Urban Minimalist Analog Smart Watch

The Nevo analog smartwatch combines minimalist French design with Swiss time keeping. The result is the most simple looking watch on this list. Discreet LED lights around the watch face keep track of your activity without getting in the way of telling time.

The $169 watch lets you customize the LED colors for different notifications from calls, texts, and more. Track sleep and fitness goals. You can also set alarms. An optional upgrade even allows you to charge the device via solar power.