Get to Know Digital Care AntiVirus Complete

Digital Care AntiVirus Complete is an all-in-one antivirus and maintenance solution for your PC. Within a single program you have access to a multitude of scans and tools to improve the performance of your computer, while protecting it from malware and other threats at the same time.

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Home Page

On the Home page we have the three feature categories of Digital Care: Security, Performance and Privacy. Under each heading are the specific program features within each category. From this page you can select which aspect of the program you want to use or customize.

Select one of the many features From Digital Care AntiVirus Complete’s Home page to scan, clean or optimize your PC.

Selecting System Scan at the bottom of the program will run a number of the most popular and useful scans from each of the three categories, including Security Quick Scan, Junk Files Cleaning and Internet History Scan.  Click Reports to view the results of your previous scans.

There are four links at the top of the program window for easy navigation.

  • Home will always bring you back to the Home page.
  • Feedback allows you to contact us with your comments on the program.
  • Support takes you to our online Support Center with FAQs and contact information for our dedicated Support Team.
  • Login pops open a window for quick and easy sign in to Digital Care.


You are able to fully customize the Security features of Digital Care AntiVirus Complete to suit your needs, such as the Firewall settings.

The Security category of Digital Care protects your system from malware and other online threats. It currently has six features:

  • Quick Scan – reviews your computer’s most commonly targeted zones for malware or threats. It is scheduled to run daily, but this can be changed to suit your needs.
  • Full Scan – scans your computer’s local disk including all folders and processes. It is scheduled to automatically run at 10:00pm every Sunday, as a thorough scan can take quite a while.
  • Active Protection – provides real-time protection against malware and virus threats. If a threat is detected, Digital Care will notify you and immediately place the item in Quarantine for review.
  • Web Defender – secures browsers from websites that are known to distribute malware. The Events section in this feature displays information about detected items over the last 10 days and the action taken.
  • Firewall – monitors each type of network you use, is able to completely lock down your Internet connection, and manages your network preferences.
  • Quarantine – a secure location on your computer that Digital Care uses to store infected files that could not be cleaned.


You can always remove items from the clean list in the Performance scans (like Registry Cleaning), or add them to an Ignore list if you don’t want to deselect them after every scan.

The Performance category of Digital Care offers eight features to remove unwanted files, free up space on your computer, and keep your computer in top shape:

  • Junk Files Cleaning – frees up space by removing unnecessary junk files from your computer.
  • Registry Cleaning – detects outdated Registry entries and app data that can be removed to help keep your Windows Registry clean and efficient.
  • Defrag – enhances your PC’s speed and overall performance by recovering disk space through defragmentation.
  • Startup Optimization – allows you to modify which programs launch on startup for increased speed and responsiveness.
  • Scheduled Task Manager – lets you view and optimize your PC’s scheduled tasks, such as application updates.
  • File Extension Manager – recommends software for handling specific types of files.
  • Duplicate File Finder – finds unneeded duplicate files that take up valuable space and cause confusion.
  • Restore Point Manager – allows you to manage restore points in case you have to restore your computer to a previous state.


Easily customize your Privacy scan settings to make sure you are only scanning the items you want to remove from your computer history.

The Privacy category of Digital Care offers eight features to keep your private data safe, as well as free up space on your PC:

  • Deep Clean Scan – runs all of the Privacy scans for a thorough assessment and cleaning of your system, including saved Windows Explorer passwords, temp files and recent network connections.
  • Internet History Scan – removes your browser history, such as files you have downloaded, cookies and caches, for browser security and privacy.
  • Application History Scan – deletes app usage history, as well as the history of the data each app has downloaded or uploaded.
  • Windows History Scan – clears recent document and Windows Explorer query history from your computer.
  • System Cleanup Scan – combines Internet History, Application History, Windows History and Email Cleanup scans into a single scan.
  • Email Cleanup Scan – clears your deleted emails, cached email data and log files.
  • Recycle Bin Shredder – permanently deletes items from your Recycle Bin so they can never be recovered.
  • File Shredder – permanently erases confidential information such as financial documents through digital shredding.


Every screen and scan in Digital Care has an in-app tutorial to help you better understand and customize the program. If you’re ever unsure of a program feature, click the question mark icon for a quick tutorial view. The first run of Digital Care shows the tutorial view the first time you view every page and feature, in case you need a little guidance.

Click the questions mark icon for more information.
The tutorial view will tell you what the feature does and how to customize it.

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