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Everyone has their own list of best Gmail features that they love. With over one billion active monthly users, it’s one of the most popular email services. If you’re still on the fence about whether Gmail is right for you or not, consider these six features as a starting point of what Google’s email service has to offer. While there are far more features, these are some of the most loved by users.

Integration With Google Drive

Do you hate having to download attachments to your device? Open attachments and save them directly to Google Drive. You have 15 GB of free storage. Now, you can save all your attachments in one place easily, no matter what device you’re using opening your messages on. You can even upload attachments straight from Drive.

Customize Your Theme

If you like customizing the look of services you use, this might be one of the best Gmail features for you. Gmail already provides themes to choose from, but you can also upload your own photos to use. Change the theme at any time to match your mood, the season, or holiday by clicking the Settings icon and choosing Themes.

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Organize Your Messages

Organization is one of the best Gmail features for many users. Labels are Gmail’s solution to folders, except you can add more than one label to a single message. You can add, change, and delete labels at any time. You can also create filters to automatically organize your messages.

There are also three default tabs within Gmail that automatically sort messages by standard inbox, promotional, and social. You can change your filters and labels to ensure your messages reach the right tabs for your needs.

Try Out the Best Gmail Features First

Some of the best Gmail features come from Gmail Labs. Get the latest features, even before they’re released to the general public. These are additional features you can add to Gmail to make it easier to organize messages, navigate, and even get back messages before they’re sent. You can find Labs under Settings.

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Multiple Accounts With One Address

Juggling numerous email addresses isn’t always easy, but with Gmail, you can use the same address, but simply add a period to turn it into a completely new address. Gmail doesn’t differentiate between email@gmail.com and em.ail@gmail.com. Other websites will see it as two different addresses.

Some users use this trick to manage different types of messages. For instance, they’ll use one version for social media, another for online shopping, and one for professional messages. It’s a quick way to organize messages.

See Verified Senders to Avoid Scams

While it’s not one of the most popular features, it’s still arguably one of the best Gmail features. This lab (a Google Labs feature) shows an authentication icon for verified senders to help you determine if a message is from a legitimate company or not. While it’s only available for larger companies, such as PayPal or Amazon, it’s a good way to avoid opening a scam message.

Go to Settings > Labs and click Enable next to Authentication icon for verified senders.

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