Board Game Apps for Hours of Fun

Board Game Apps

What happens when you want to play your favorite board game, but you don’t have a table or the game? You download board game apps instead. While they’re much smaller than their tabletop counterparts, they’re easy to take with you anywhere.

12 Board Game Apps for iOS and Android


Take the classic game of Monopoly with you wherever you go. It’s available on both iOS and Android. There’s even a faster version available called Monopoly Here & Now on iOS and Android. It’s perfect for when you’re a little short on time.

2The Game of Life

The Game of Life is just as iconic as Monopoly. See how life could work out for you with this fun app adaption for both iOS and Android. It’s a little simpler than the traditional board game, but still fun.


Before Words With Friends existed, Scrabble was the undisputed king of word games. Now, Scrabble is available on iOS and Android. It’s one of the board game apps you absolutely need if you love the tabletop version and word games.


If you’re looking for board game apps filled with mystery, Clue is a classic must-have. The app stays true to the original and doesn’t add in anything new. Solve the timeless whodunit on iOS and Android.


Who doesn’t want to eradicate viruses all across the globe? Pandemic has quickly grown to become one of the best co-op board games. Now, you can play it on-the-go without losing any pieces. It’s even a great start to learning how to play the tabletop version. It’s available on iOS and Android.

6Ticket to Ride

No board game apps list would be complete without Ticket to Ride. In fact, many families consider this as the next step up from Monopoly. Now, build the perfect train routes anywhere on iOS and Android.

7Galaxy Trucker

If you haven’t heard of this comedic space game, check out the app today and you’ll wonder why it’s not a part of your board game collection. Play solo or with friends on iOS and Android.


Splendor has quickly become a favorite among board game apps. The app version adds a special Challenge mode for the gem collecting game. Play it on iOS and Android without having to manually set up all the cards and gems.


While it’s more of a dice game than a traditional board game, it’s still a classic you’ve probably played numerous times. Get all the same dice rolling action in the iOS and Android apps.


The intensely strategic Carcassonne is only available on iOS. However, you’re still able to build your landscape tile by tile. You’ll also find numerous expansions as in-app purchases.


Settling down is never easy, especially in the classic game Catan. It’s one of the more popular strategy board game apps on both iOS and Android. Plus, expansions are available as in-app purchases.


Who hasn’t dreamed of world domination? It’s a true classic among board games and board game apps alike. Battle to take over the world on both iOS and Android. You can play solo, with friends, or get matched with players worldwide.

You can’t always take your board games with you, but you can take all your favorite board game apps anywhere you want.

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