Can You Exist Without Facebook? Why It Does & Doesn’t Matter

life without facebook

Can you imagine life without Facebook? It’s become such a major part of the Internet that potential dates, employers, and even friends immediately turn to Facebook to research you. But what happens if you’re not on Facebook? Do you need an account? It’s not an easy answer.

The Rapid Rise to a Must-Have

It may seem like Facebook’s been around forever, but it’s actually only been available to the general public (ages 13 and older) since September of 2006. It only took three years to become the largest social network. Since 2006, it’s become much more than a fun way to socialize with old classmates, co-workers, family, and friends.

As of June 2017, Facebook has 2.1 billion active users, with 1.32 billion logging on daily. With so many users, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Facebook has become the go-to for researching people.

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Employers Love to Snoop

While it’s a sad thought, many employers are more interested in what you post to Facebook than they are in your resume. Career Builder found that in 2017, 70% of employers checked out social media before hiring someone. But, if you don’t want an employer snooping around, you might think life without Facebook might work better for your future career.

Think again. For some strange reason, employers think it’s suspicious if they can’t find you on Facebook or other social networks (consider LinkedIn as a replacement). They think you must have something to hide. It usually doesn’t dawn on them that you just might value your privacy.

It’s gotten so bad that Europe has passed a law that makes it illegal to compile social media data for use as part of the hiring process. Employers also have to disclose whether they look at social media profiles.

Trouble With Relationships

Dating is sometimes difficult without Facebook. Dates tend to research you just like an employer. Suspicion becomes an issue because they can’t track what you’re doing or see all your past posts and photos. It’s nice to be able to get insight into people, but it’s hard to get the full picture.

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Getting Online

Now, most major websites offer a Facebook login option and some even require a Facebook account to use their sites. Many apps require Facebook or another social media account to log in. Life without Facebook could limit your login options, but social login is risky by itself.

Facebook Doesn’t Matter

Despite how it might negatively affect you, life without Facebook is actually better. Facebook is a useful tool, but it’s also full of drama, spam, fake news, and more drama. When used right, it’s great.

Yes, you can exist without Facebook. Many people quit and even consider it a status symbol. From privacy issues to wanting to spend less time glued to their devices, people quit Facebook and still exist.

66 People Reveal Why They Deleted Their Facebook Account summarizes a Reddit thread and it’s an eye-opening look at people who live life without Facebook. Those who leave the site even report being happier.

Facebook can be fun and useful, but it’s not a requirement for a happy, normal, fulfilling life.

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