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The focus on empowering our youth in the age of technology is as important as ever...

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There is a lot of discussion about children and technology, mostly about limiting the interaction of the two. The truth is, today’s youth are growing up in a digital world. It’s more important than ever to have more technology for youth programs to prepare them to be leaders in the digital age. The sooner that kids start learning how to master the technology around them, the better equipped they’ll be to become innovators as adults.

Bringing Together Children and Technology

Startup Skool

children and technology
Image: Startup Skool

Startup Skool is an innovative project that offers “programs for the innovators of tomorrow.” The Canadian based program focuses on creating digital entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is mixed with technology for youth, along with design thinking, to prepare kids to become tomorrow’s leaders. Startup Skool is focused on creating programs that not only teach skills that kids will need to thrive in the digital age, but they aim to do so in a way that is exciting and encourages continuous learning. Summer camps, workshops, and integrated school programs are available. became famous because of it’s free one hour of code. It’s designed to get kids and even adults interested in learning to code. However, also features online and local classes that go far beyond just an hour. Schools can incorporate courses into their curriculum from elementary through high school to bring children and technology together.


Codecademy is also focused on coding. The basis of much technology for youth begins with learning to code and developing the analytical and creative thinking skills that come with being a programmer. By using an interactive, gaming process, it’s easy to pick up basic coding skills. Programs and resources are also available for schools.


Teach kids problem solving and critical skills through the course curriculum at CodeHS. Programs are available to teach computer science skills for 6-12th grade. The system is designed to make it easier for teachers and administrators to incorporate computer science into their schools.

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STEM for Kids

Getting kids interested in science, technology, engineering, and math is vital to succeeding as a digital leader. STEM for Kids provides various programs to help kids master computer programming, engineering, and advanced manufacturing. Parents can register kids at different locations throughout the United States and schools can partner with the program.

Sylvan Edge

Sylvan is well-known for their tutoring services, but the Sylvan Edge program offers different STEM related courses and camps. Robotics, coding, and engineering are front and center. The technology for youth programs are available at various locations and can be incorporated into after-school programs.

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Youth Digital

children and technology
Image: Youth Digital

Summer camps are available for kids and camp attendees get six months of free online courses. Schools also have access to after-school programs, virtual schools, in-school programs, and their own summer camps.

If you’re interested in helping your own child become a digital leader, don’t forget to check for local classes and camps in your area. Free and paid resources are available in most areas.

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