How to Clear Your Amazon Browsing History

How to Clear Your Amazon Browsing History

Take a moment to think about all the random things you’ve looked at on Amazon. Wouldn’t it be great to clear your Amazon browsing history sometimes? Amazon knows others may use your device or even your account, so it’s easy to clear your history anytime you want.

Why Clear Your Amazon Browsing History?

Amazon keeps a running list of every single item you view. It’s a long list and one you probably wouldn’t want others to see. It’s a great way to go back and find items you might still be interested in. However, you might not want it visible if you share an account or a device with someone else.

Though your browsing history might seem innocent enough, what if your partner was checking out the Amazon app on your phone and noticed the gift ideas you were looking at? It’d ruin the surprise. What if you were shopping for something private or embarrassing?

Most people usually want to clear their Amazon history around birthdays and other holidays. After all, some people are too nosy to avoid trying to snoop on your browsing history.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Amazon tracks your browsing history even if you’re not logged in. Cookies are stored on your computer and until those are cleared, everything you’ve searched for anonymously on a device is visible in the browsing history.

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Clear Your Entire Amazon Browsing History

If you want to wipe the slate clean, you can clear your Amazon browsing history with just a few clicks. Click on Your Browsing History on the left, below the search box. Expand Manage history on the right side of the screen. Click Remove all items.

Clear Individual Items

If you only want to remove certain items from your browsing history, you can do that too. Go back to your browsing history. Click Remove under any item you want to remove. This is ideal if you’re shopping for gifts and just want to remove those from the list.

Stop Amazon Tracking

If you don’t want Amazon to record your browsing history during a session (or ever), turn off tracking completely. Open your browsing history and expand Manage history. Click Turn Browsing History on/off.

You’re free to re-enable it at any time to start tracking your history again. There is one problem with this approach, though. The setting only stays off as long as you don’t clear your browser’s cookies. The moment you delete your cookies, Amazon turns the setting back on.

This means if you’re deleting your browser’s cookies every day or week, you’ll have to manually turn Amazon’s browsing history off each time you use the site. Plus, tracking is only turned off on the device you’re using. This means if you turn it off on your phone, Amazon still tracks your history on your desktop.

Should You Leave It On?

It’s a personal preference. When you clear your Amazon browsing history, you take more control over your privacy. When you don’t clear it, you have a nice record to find past items and get personalized recommendations.

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