Co-Parenting Apps That Put Your Kids First

Co-Parenting Apps

It’s never easy keeping schedules straight when you’re raising kids as separated or divorced parents. As with most things, there’s an app for that. Co-parenting apps help you keep everything straight so both parents get what’s most important – more time with their kids.

Co-Parenting Apps for Communication & Scheduling


Skedi is a calendar app designed to help even the busiest parents and kids. Each family member’s activities and events are listed on the same calendar and everyone has access to it. One thing that makes Skedi one of the best co-parenting apps is the ability to assign people to activities. Now, each parent knows exactly who is supposed to pick their kid up after school or sports practice.


Kidganizer is geared towards helping divorced parents keep track of their custody dates. Schedules synchronize between parents, so everyone knows who has custody and when. There’s also an expense management feature so co-parents see what the other is spending. You also won’t forget important events with the built-in reminder feature.

Our Family Wizard

Our Family Wizard is one of the most well-known co-parenting apps. This app allows both parents to maintain a clear schedule of events and custody dates. Parents are able to share notes with each other, manage expenses, and list when they’ve communicated. It’s ideal for helping parents communicate easier and spend more time with their kids.

It’s perfect for maintaining a clear record of visitation, call times, and expenses. Some courts even recommend Our Family Wizard to maintain communication without arguments.

Parenting Apart

Parenting Apart works as a supplement to other co-parenting apps. While it doesn’t help with scheduling, it does help guide newly divorced or separated parents through the process. From dealing with difficult emotions to leading life after divorce, it helps parents to begin to cope.

More importantly, it helps parents figure out how to best help their kids work through this difficult transition. From explaining how kids might feel at different ages to guidance for co-parenting successfully, this app is a must-have for parents just learning how to co-parent.

Custody Connnection

Custody Connection makes it easier than ever for co-parents to communicate without any confusion. The syncable cloud-based calendar is visible to both parents and kids. It’s easy to tell who has custody and when. There is also the option to request changes to days with just a tap. When changes are approved, the calendar is instantly updated.

Another important feature is the child information database. Store your child’s important numbers, such as doctor and school, along with allergies and insurance information within the app.


2Houses is designed to put the child first. Even though it’s a difficult situation at best, co-parenting apps like this one help you to stay organized. The calendar is simple to understand and use. Easily see everyone’s schedules at a glance. Or, you can view just events, visitation schedules, or parenting schedules. You’re also able to request changes to dates.

2Houses isn’t just a calendar app, though. It also has several other useful features, such as:

  • Expense management and tracking with graphs and reports
  • Shared journals so parents can share photos, news, events, and even funny things the child said
  • To-do lists that each parent is able to check off, which is ideal when handling school projects
  • Shopping lists so no one buys the same thing for holidays

It’s one of the most well-rounded co-parenting apps and even includes an information section for a child’s important details.


co-parenting appsAlimentor is one of the best co-parenting apps for creating detailed reports. As with comparable apps, there’s a clear calendar to keep track of events, custody, and schedules. Both parents are able to track scheduled time versus actual time spent with their kids. You can even track all expenses.

The calendar lets you see at a glance how your custody schedule aligns with major holidays and birthdays. This allows you to request adjustments for extra holiday time. Of course, reporting is a prominent feature to quickly show a parents activities for the month.


Coparently seeks to keep kids out of the middle when it comes to co-parenting. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when juggling a kid’s schedule when you’re divorced or separated. The app starts with a shared, color-coded calendar so no one ever forgets which days they’re supposed to have custody or pick up a child from an event.

Expense management tools are built in, so there isn’t a question about finances any longer. Plus, the app includes a section for important contacts, like schools, coaches, and friends’ parents. There’s also a communication section for parents to talk, but still have a clear record of what was said and to whom.

Co-parenting does require a period of adjustment, but with one or more of these apps, it’s easier than ever for kids to get more time with their parents. Plus, it’s less stressful for the parents.

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