How to Create a Strong Username

What's in a name?

strong username

A strong username can do as much to protect your accounts as a strong password. Using the same username for all of your accounts puts your personal information at risk online. We’ve got four tips to help you create a fun, new, strong username that embodies who you are, not who you were in 2010.

4 Steps to a Strong Username

A strong username is unique

Unique usernames are better for online security. It’s harder to track someone online if their accounts are under different usernames. If you end up with too many usernames to remember, you can create groups of usernames. For example, you could use one username for professional accounts, one username for online gaming, etc. Using a password manager can help take a mental load off. It can help you use several different strong usernames because it will remember all of them for you.

Stay anonymous when appropriate

Using your name and birth year in a username is a huge giveaway about who you are. Try to keep identifying information, like your full name, birthday or location out of your username, unless your full name is required by the website. If you include personal information in a username, you run the risk of being more susceptible to account breaches and identity theft.

What kind of account is it?

Creating a username can depend on what type of account you are creating. If you need a username for a professional account, you may not want to be Buffalo_Cloud. If you are trying to create a branding image with a business username, best to stick with something that professionally represents you. However, if you are creating a username for Pinterest, go ahead and choose CheekyCheesecake82.

Try to be original

Okay, this isn’t exactly easy these days. Rather than settle for KittyKat198, find a way to make it your own. Throw a period, dash or underscore in there, substitute letters, try spelling variations. If you can’t come up with anything better on your own, there are a number of fun username generators that are either random, or can incorporate hobbies and favorite numbers:

ProTip: This information applies to creating email addresses too.

Remember, your username will likely be with you for a while, so choose something that you feel represents you well. Sometimes your username is the first impression that people will have of you, especially in a professional situation. If you want to do it right, take some time and give it some thought.

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