Cybersecurity, AI and Open Source Intelligence

Open Source Intelligence

It is one of today’s hottest topics, and seemingly an inescapable reality in the modern, technological age – artificial intelligence. From impressive innovations to wholly justified concerns, this technology is on the lips of some of the world’s best minds, as its capabilities only continue to improve.

AI is not only a popular topic of discussion, but also an increasingly divisive one, as many become more concerned with what its prevalence will mean for the future. Though it isn’t just the concerns about stolen jobs that has artificial intelligence on experts’ minds, it also raises some important questions on the topic of cybersecurity.

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way that data is collected, stored and used, but most particularly in the business world. As we continue to post more and more online, OSINT (open source intelligence) – data that is collected from publicly accessible sources such as blogs, social media and discussion groups – is something we all ought to become more aware of.

Although the development of AI, and more specifically open source intelligence, has proven to be an incredibly useful resource, it is also a cause for concern. Could OSINT make companies more vulnerable to cyber attacks? Potentially, yes. However, it can also be used to improve cybersecurity as a whole. In fact, it is now being utilized by the American Government for this very reason.

Staying informed and up to date with artificial intelligence and open source intelligence capabilities is vital in order to reap the huge benefits this technology has to offer, as well as protect yourself and your business from potential consequences. Here are some ways in which artificial intelligence is making its mark on cybersecurity.

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Advancements in AI

With cybersecurity an ever-present concern, and protection against potential threats a business’s top priority, AI is constantly being updated and developed to aid in the fight against cybercrime. For this reason, the artificial intelligence field is one of the most promising sectors in terms of growth. In fact, AI’s future is bright, with many updates and improvements to come. The autonomy and regulation with which artificial intelligence operates is always being refined.

The less human input that is needed, the more independent AI becomes. Theoretically, this independence would mean that AI software would be able to identify and neutralize any cyberthreats coming their way without human help simply through accessing and comprehending the vast amounts of information through open source intelligence. Unfortunately, this level of autonomy is not around the corner, meaning that artificial intelligence driven cybersecurity is still a relevant issue that needs the proper attention from everyone. Business owners should be especially aware of this, and have someone within their IT team knowledgeable and trained in all things AI and OSINT.

Strengthening the Team

Although AI technology is improving at incredible speeds, it is not entirely capable of taking the place of human employees in every sector.  This means that learning to work with artificial intelligence and open source intelligence is not only important, but will benefit anybody who chooses to follow this career path or course of study.

Whether it be logistics, data analysis, recognizing patterns or making useful predictions, AI can help a business in many ways. Today, implementation of AI in the workplace means that employees are able to focus on more complex or creative aspects of their work, while software is available to pick up slack on certain tasks. By having this “extra hand”, an business can work with AI to quickly source and organize information to their advantage before making a decision. Ideally, should a cyber crisis hit, a business could utilize AI software to help resolve or mitigate problems, and then prevent them in the future.

New Insights From Open Source Intelligence

Thanks to open source intelligence and technology’s ability to collect and comprehend data, AI can group all sorts of information that might well be helpful to a business and its employees. In fact, the more information you have, the easier it is to avoid and beat a cyberattack. Although some information may seem useless, everything that is posted online could potentially be helpful. Programs that understand and are able to utilize OSINT can scour the Internet and collect pertinent information. With this data stored and organized, businesses are able to gather new insights into what is happening, and be sure on what decisions to make from there.

For this reason, understanding OSINT and having software that can help in its management is important and directly tied to online security. Not only is artificial intelligence software able to offer a practical data-collecting device that helps prevent cyber attacks, but it can also provide plenty of information for the business itself, including improvements in customer service or client management.

The potential of AI is clear. Technology that is specifically designed to utilize open source intelligence, predict and avoid cyberattacks, as well as providing efficient assistance, is certainly something any business owner should be looking into. Artificial intelligence, OSINT and cybersecurity should be on the radar of everyone looking to get ahead, and stay ahead, in business.

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Contribution by Emily Jones

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