Dropbox vs. OneDrive: Which One Takes the Crown?

Dropbox vs. OneDrive

Everyone is talking about cloud storage and backing up to the cloud, and with good reason. If you’re struggling to decide which platform is right for you, we’ve broken down Dropbox vs. OneDrive. Each of these cloud storage platforms has great features, so we’re here to compare the security measures, payment plans, and benefits of each. If you are interested in more detailed information about these two, you can read an in-depth comparison between Dropbox and OneDrive on Cloud Storage Advice.

An Overview of the Services Offered:
Dropbox vs. OneDrive

OneDrive Overview

OneDrive targets individual users and businesses alike. When it comes to security, this service is quite secure. OneDrive allows its users to synchronize, store, and update their files in the cloud storage platform. OneDrive comes installed on Windows 10 systems, since it’s a Microsoft product. While using it, all you need to do is to sign up, and then you will be able to back up your files of choice, the data you want to store and all that.

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Dropbox Overview

If simplicity is your thing, then Dropbox will be your preferred cloud storage platform. It is very user-friendly and easy to use, and the user experience is like no other. When using Dropbox, you can store, synchronize, share, and also access your files from any device regardless of the location.

Dropbox was created with the sole aim of serving individual users who had the urge to exchange data without incurring any charges. Although individuals were the primary customer base, Dropbox is also been used by many businesses worldwide because of the ability to share large files, efficient synchronizing, automatic backs ups, and more.

After successfully creating an account, you can start uploading your files to the cloud storage platform, and even invite family and friends to use the app.

Features & Prices: Dropbox vs. OneDrive

Both OneDrive and Dropbox have different features and plans. Since each platform has plans suited for both individuals and businesses, a comparison will come in handy.

OneDrive Pricing

Regarding pricing, the OneDrive platform has separate plans for both individual users and businesses alike.  You can choose to pay only $1.99/month for 50GB storage space or, if you need more data space, you can opt for the Office 365 Personal Plan and you will receive 1TB for $69.99/year.

Also, OneDrive offers Premium features when it comes to the Office 365 Home Plan. This one costs $99.99/year and you will receive 5TB of storage space, 1 per every user. However, if you don’t need a paid plan, you can always opt for the free one, which gives you 5GB of storage space.

Dropbox Pricing

To come up with a suitable pricing system, Dropbox has a plan for individuals and businesses. After subscribing, you receive 2GB free storage. Also, the desktop application can be downloaded for free. As per the pricing plans, businesses are charged $15 per month for every user. Nevertheless, you’ll need to come together as five users to be eligible for this plan.

Between the two cloud storage platforms, OneDrive seems to have taken the day when it comes to pricing. OneDrive is quite affordable when compared with Dropbox, and they also support a variety of different payment platforms.

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Security: Dropbox vs. OneDrive

Security is among the features that individuals look into when considering Dropbox vs. OneDrive. Dropbox’s security features are quite advanced, and the system is impenetrable from individuals who have malicious intentions. The security protocols by Dropbox are as follows: two-step verification processes, VPN encryption with SSL/TSL, and 256-bit AES encryption for documents. Also, Dropbox is compatible with most firewalls, and the program cannot function outside the firewall.

As for OneDrive, it is good to note that Microsoft takes security seriously. As a result, OneDrive launched Sookasa, which is a security tool that prevents malicious software attacks as well as data theft.

While comparing the security feature that has been put in place by both OneDrive and Dropbox, Dropbox seems well protected, and very few malicious activities have been reported regarding Dropbox. OneDrive is also secure thanks to Sookasa, but this all in one tool is still vulnerable. Therefore, when it comes to security, Dropbox takes the day.

Which to Choose?

A clear comparison has been laid out regarding the payment plans and security features by both OneDrive and Dropbox. When it comes to pricing, OneDrive can be considered the winner. As for which is the most secure, Dropbox wins that title. Now that you know about the features offered by both companies, and after reading through the context above, you will be in a better position to settle on the cloud storage platform that suits you best. Which one, in your opinion, takes the crown?

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