The Sun Sets on Support for Windows Vista

So now what?

end of support for Windows Vista

Microsoft ended extended support for Windows Vista April 11, 2017 after ten years of service. While it wasn’t the easiest Microsoft operating system to love, it did pave the way for the bright future of personal computing we await with the new Windows 10 Creators Update.

What Does This Mean For Vista Users?

Technically, Microsoft stopped providing “mainstream” support for Windows Vista back in 2012 – meaning it hasn’t had new feature or non-security updates since that time. As of the above date Vista will no longer get security updates. This is pretty normal for a Microsoft OS, as they usually stop technical support around the ten year mark. Windows XP was exceptional, in that it received over twelve years of extended support, ending back in April 2014.

If you are still using Vista, this is the point where you should really consider upgrading to Windows 10. Your computer will still continue to work, but Microsoft won’t provide patches for security vulnerabilities. This means that your system will be more susceptible to viruses, malware and other forms of cybersecurity breaches.

If you do choose to continue to using Windows Vista, make sure that you have a full antivirus suite that uses real-time threat protection.

end of support for Windows Vista

Will Programs Still Provide Support for Windows Vista?

It’s difficult to say how long other software companies will continue to provide support for Windows Vista users. Many programs continue to be made compatible for those with Windows XP, even three years after the end of support. Because Microsoft is always advancing towards new updates and operating systems, companies will gradually begin to focus their resources more on providing software that is compatible with the latest and greatest. Older operating systems like XP and Vista will fall behind.

If you are considering upgrading to Windows 10, you will find that is a great resource for tips, tricks and troubleshooting.

Digital Care has ended support for both Windows XP and Windows Vista.