How Environmental Technology is Helping the Earth

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How Environmental Technology is Helping the Planet

Despite being a highly debated topic, environmental technology is helping the Earth. Some might say technology in general hurts the environment, but thanks to some forms of tech, the world is becoming a better place a little at a time. From helping animals to reducing paper waste, the environment is embracing technology.

Clean Renewable Energy

environmental technology is helping the earthRelying on fossil fuels for energy only works for so long, but what happens when those resources are gone? Renewable energy provides reliable energy from a variety of sources, such as the wind and sun. All it takes is the right technology to harness the energy on a large enough scale to replace traditional energy sources.

This type of environmental technology is helping the planet by reducing greenhouse gas emissions that damage the atmosphere. Currently, there are five main types of renewable energy sources including:

  • Solar
  • Biomass (uses organic mass and even landfill waste to create energy and fuels)
  • Wind
  • Geothermal (uses the Earth’s heat)
  • Hydropower

Drive Smarter with Electric Cars

Electric cars, Like the Tesla Model 3, don’t rely on fuel. Instead, they run on rechargeable batteries, kind of like a smartphone you can drive. Thanks to technology, these cars are far more energy efficient. They convert up to 62% of their battery charge to power the wheels, while traditional vehicles only use up to 21% of the energy to power the wheels. That’s almost three times more energy efficient.

When combined with renewable energy, you get double the environmental benefits.

Saving Wildlife with GPS

elephants environmental technology is helping the planetEnvironmental technology is helping the Earth by protecting the wildlife. As species become endangered or extinct, ecosystems are disturbed, which can result in overpopulation, more endangered species, and even migration changes that put dangerous predators in human communities. By using GPS to track wildlife, it’s easier to understand migration patterns, behavior, and habitat changes.

This isn’t the only technology helping to save wildlife either. Remote controlled helicopters are being used to safely take samples from large animals for study. Tracking collars on elephants text farmers in advance to avoid crop loss and harm to the elephants. There is even technology to help reduce deadly diseases that are endangering certain species.

Reducing the Paper Trail

Not only is switching to digital a great way to easily access your files, it also reduces paper waste. Imagine all those hundreds or thousands of photos you have stored in cloud services being printed out. It’s one of the easiest ways to go green and it’s convenient for everyone. When the city of North Richard Hills, Texas stopped printing agendas for their meetings, they were able to save the equivalent of eight trees per year. It may not sound like much, but when thousands of businesses and millions of people are switching to cloud computing and digital record keeping, the number of trees saved skyrockets.

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Agriculture Goes High Tech

thinkstockphotos-614304234-1As more land is cleared for homes, shopping malls, and businesses, there is less room for traditional agriculture. Numerous advances in agricultural technology have led to everything from robotic farming to genetically designed food. Some of the most impressive advances include:

  • Precision agriculture – Satellite imagery and sensors help farmers better understand their fields to optimize returns while better preserving natural resources.
  • Vertical farms – By using skyscrapers as a type of storied greenhouse, crops can be produced year-round, even in urban areas where traditional farms aren’t possible.
  • Robotic farming – This involves robots that handle everything from planting and weeding to monitoring and predicting land changes.
  • Livestock biometrics – This technology allows farmers to receive real-time data on their livestock.

While some advances aren’t yet viable, they are in the testing phases and could become mainstream within a decade or less. By creating more efficient agriculture, there is less strain on the land and livestock.

Remotely Monitoring the Environment

While there are plenty of environmental laws and regulations in place, that doesn’t mean everyone follows them. Environmental technology is helping the planet via remote monitoring. For instance, in areas where poaching is prevalent, drones monitor the area and provide real-time video to officials.

Sensors are also being used to measure air pollution levels around companies, such as gas facilities, to ensure they’re meeting all federal regulations. By remotely monitoring, it’s easier for law enforcement to know when a law is being broken without having to manually cover thousands of businesses or acres of land.

Smarter Homes Equal Less Energy

Smart Home Devices featureSmart home devices might just seem like they’re more convenient, but they’re yet another example that shows environmental technology is helping the Earth. For instance, smart thermostats that adjust the temperature to prevent your air or heat from running as often when you’re not home saves energy. Apps that allow you to turn off lights remotely, even when you’ve forgotten, also means less energy consumption.

It’s not just about convenience. It’s about saving the environment by adding a little tech to your home.

Technology might seem like it’s more about the latest smartphone, but it can also be used to make the world better and save the environment for future generations. In fact, even using those smartphones is one way to reduce paper usage and stay in contact without driving as much.

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