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You probably already have at least one type of fitness app on your phone. If you do Tabata workouts or have been eager to try them, you’ll want to try out some Tabata timer apps to see which one works best for you. They work better than stopwatches and let you customize workouts to your needs.

A Look at Tabata Workouts

The workout is named after Dr. Izumi Tabata who conducted a study based around an interval training model. During the six week study, one group exercised for a total of 1,800 minutes, while the Tabata group trained for 120 minutes. The Tabata group improved both their anaerobic and aerobic fitness levels.

Tabata workouts, also known as a form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), consist of eight sessions of 20 seconds of high-intensity exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest. Common exercises include push-ups, squats, burpees, jumping rope, and sprints.

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Time Your Workout with Tabata Timer Apps

Tabata timer apps help you keep track of your sessions. You’re notified of when to start and when to rest. You can also customize sessions or pause your workout if you’re interrupted.

Bit Timer

Bit Timertabata timer apps markets itself as the “world’s simplest interval timer ever.” The app looks simple, but it does its job well. The $1.99 iOS app features three sounds to distinguish workout beginnings, breaks, and ends. Set work and rest periods anywhere from five seconds to four minutes.


Tabata Stopwatch Pro

Tabata Stopwatch Pro
tabata timer app is one of the best Tabata timer apps for both iOS and Android. The free app does contain ads, but you can download the ad-free version for iOS for $6.99. Start with the basic Tabata setup or customize it to meet your needs. Create and store different settings for various workouts, not just Tabata. Interval beeps keep you on track without looking at your phone.



Tabata Trainer

Tabata Trainertabata timer apps is ideal for anyone who wants Tabata timer apps that go beyond just timing you. This $1.99 iOS app offers visual and audio cues to let you know when to workout and when to rest. Create your own workout or use one of the nine included workouts to mix up your Tabata routine.



Tabata Pro

tabata timer appsTabata Pro knows a good workout isn’t complete without music. The app is $2.99 for iOS and $3.99 for Android and automatically plays music when you start your workout. Customize three different timers and enjoy easy to hear alerts, even over your music.


Seconds Pro

Tabata timer appsSeconds Pro is one of the top Tabata timer apps for customization. The $4.99 app for iOS and Android includes templates for Tabata, HIIT, circuit training, and other types of workouts. Customize timers to your needs, including what music to play during each interval.


Quick 4 Minute Workout

Quick 4 Minute Workouttabata timer apps is a simple, free iOS app that takes you through one Tabata workout. Use it multiple times for longer workouts. Gain access to HD training videos, body weight tracking, and sound and voice cues through optional in-app purchases. It’s one of the simplest Tabata timer apps, especially if you just need a basic Tabata timer.


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