This Incredible Fitness Tech Pushes Your Workout Way Beyond Fitbit

Indeed, it's getting harder to avoid the gym...

Incredible Tech That Takes Fitness Way Beyond Fitbit

Fitness gadgets have come a long way since Fitbit and other fitness wearables first came on the scene. The fitness tracker has gone from cool idea to must-have and has paved the way for mainstream fitness tech. Now that some bright new stars are taking on the health and fitness world, we had to ask: Is Fitbit becoming old news?

Fitbit is no longer the only serious contender in the fitness tech race. Meet the new products and concepts that are taking the health and fitness world by storm…

Treadmill Meets TV With This Fitness Tech Idea

Fitness tech iFit NordicTrack Escape Treadmill FitbitForget trying to position your treadmill and TV so you can watch fitness videos, or your favorite Netflix shows, while walking. Immerse yourself in your walk with the iFit NordicTrack Escape Treadmill complete with a 60-inch curved OLED TV. Yes, you read that right. It has a really big 4K TV.

NordicTrack introduced its newest treadmill at CES 2016. A 4K OLED TV is turned vertically to let you run among Google Street View images to mimic actual terrain and streets. The treadmill also tilts sideways and up and down, just like how a real walk would be. It’s all based around the destination you choose.

The TV is designed to stream any programming you want with the built-in Wi-Fi. You’ll also get personalized suggestions for better workouts and workout tracking. If you use an iFit wearable, it’ll connect to the system as well. Right now, the estimated cost for the Escape Treadmill is between $8,000 and $10,000 USD.

Get Coaching With Amazon Alexa

Fitness tech amazon alexa echoIs there anything Amazon’s Alexa can’t do? If Amazon has its say, then no – at least, not yet. The Amazon Echo now integrates with your Fitbit to answer your fitness questions. Alexa can inspire you to stay on top of your fitness goals with inspirational messages.

When activated, your new fitness trainer who uses your Fitbit within Alexa and have voice-activated access to all of your Fitbit data. Ask her how you’ve done for the day to get a report and motivation for tomorrow. Think of her as your new fitness tech coach. Even after a hard day, she’ll give you support to work out the next day to help you reach your goals.

Take Charge of Your Health & Fitness Tech With CareKit

Apple realized its ResearchKit framework for use with medical professionals could also be used to help individuals better monitor and understand their own health conditions. That’s why Apple is releasing CareKit for developers to start using to create personal health tracking apps. Get a quick overview with this video:

CareKit will be released in April 2016 for the development community to continue building upon the four “app frameworks” Apple has already designed. The modules include:

  • Care Card – Activities, such as exercising or taking medications, can be tracked automatically with the iPhone or Apple Watch sensors.
  • Symptom and Measurement Tracker – Users can record symptoms and determine extent of symptoms with progress updates and activities.
  • Insight Dashboard – Compares symptoms to the Care Card.
  • Connect – Share information with doctors or family.

All of these modules can interact with each other and the possibilities are seemingly endless for health monitoring at home.

Relieve Pain With Quell

Fitness Tech Quell Fitness
The Quell band is wrapped around your leg, right below the knee.

Tired of being kept back by chronic pain? Hate the thought of taking drugs with a mile-long list of side effects? Quell thinks there should be a better solution. The wearable pain relief technology is 100% drug free and can be worn 24/7 or just when you need it most. This is fitness tech that brings your body back to its best performance.

The adjustable band is worn just below your knee. Click the button on the Quell device to activate the pain relief. From this one point, you get widespread relief as the device uses your body’s natural pain control system to help reduce or eliminate pain signals.

In studies, 81% of users said they had improvement in their chronic pain and 67% stated they were using fewer pain medications since using Quell. The technology was even the winner of an innovation award at Austin, Texas’ SXSW 2016 event.

Outside of the pain relief itself, the best part of Quell is how small and discrete it is. It’s lightweight and fits nearly flush against your leg so you can wear it comfortably, no matter what you’re wearing or what you’re doing.

Using the corresponding smartphone app, you can customize Quell’s settings, especially for overnight use. The app even tracks your sleep cycles and history to help you learn to sleep better.

Changes in Fitness Tech

The Fitbit is a great fitness tracker, but as you can see, health and fitness gadgets and apps are far catching up it and even outpacing it in some areas of fitness care. Finally, you have more control than ever over your health and fitness. Now, we just need an easy transportation tech invention to actually get us to the gym! Oh wait…

How are you going to take advantage of these fitness tech developments? Let us know in the comments below. 

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