How to Fix Stalled Text Messages on Android

Fix Stalled Text Messages

You type a quick message, press send, and nothing ever happens. Stalled texts happen more often than you might think. You don’t have to give up on texting or get a new phone. With a little troubleshooting, it’s possible to fix stalled text messages on Android. If a simple restart doesn’t help, try these other troubleshooting steps.

Causes & Fixes for a Stalled Text Message

Problems With Signal Strength

Sometimes the cause is completely out of your control. For instance, if you’re in an area with spotty service, a text message may stall. If you’re sending MMS over SMS, a weak signal may cause your message to stall or fail until the signal is better.

Issues With Other Apps

Another common cause is interference from another app. This is one is easy to troubleshoot. If the stalled texts just started happening after installing a new app, uninstall the new app and try again.

Text Message Length

Some carriers won’t allow you to send longer texts. While most major carriers simply split longer messages or now make allowances for them, if you’re sending a text over 160 characters and it’s stuck in “sending,” try sending a shorter message. If that one goes through, you have your culprit.

Problems With Messaging Apps

Glitches with your messaging app are all too common. One of the easiest ways to fix stalled text messages is to check for updates for your message app. Of course, the problem could also occur if there’s a flaw in the latest update. If you’ve recently updated your messaging app and your messages are stalling, contact the app developer or try a different app.

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Full App Cache

As with any other app on your Android device, text messaging apps cache data. The larger the cache, the more problems the app has with sending your texts. Many phone cleaner apps actually clean out old text messages if you allow them to.

You can also do it manually one of two ways. The first is to manually go through and delete old messages. This can take hours if you have thousands of messages stored on your phone.

The best way is to go to Settings > Application Manager (or Apps). Choose your messaging app. Tap Storage. Tap Clear Cache to clear the cache. This doesn’t delete your messages, but just background data the app has stored. If you want to clear all your messages too, tap Clear Data. This will clear your messages.

If you use the default messaging app, you may have to show system apps in order to see your messaging app. Click the options menu at the top right in the Application Manager screen and choose Show System.

When you’re finished, restart your phone. If you just cleared the cache, stalled messages should start to send. If you cleared everything, you’ll need to re-type your message and send again.

Conflicts With New Updates

Though it doesn’t happen often, sometimes a system update may cause messaging problems. To fix stalled text messages after a major system update, restart your phone. This typically resolves most issues.

If nothing else works, a hard reset or factory data reset may be necessary. Verizon offers step-by-step guides for most major Android phones. Please note, this will delete all data on your device.

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