So Long, Nasty Habits! Goal-Setting Apps to Get Back on Track

Set a goal, track progress, achieve your dreams, repeat...

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Sometimes you need a little help to achieve your dreams. Whether you simply want to get a handle on your daily habits, quit smoking, or meet new fitness goals, these goal-setting apps can help.

Bye-bye, Bad Habits:
Get Started with 10 Goal-Setting Apps

Healthy Living

LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach Logo - Goal-setting appsLIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach

This physician approved app makes it as easy as possible for you to quit smoking for good. You can set goals and track your progress over time.

Log cigarettes smoked, cravings, and even how much you’re spending or saving as you ditch this unhealthy habit.

Daily Water Free Logo - Goal-setting appsDaily Water Free

We’ve all been told over and over that we need to drink water, and lots of it… but that can be interpreted in a variety of ways so it’s hard to know just how much is enough. That’s where the Daily Water Free app comes in.  It offers information about the health benefits of staying hydrated and explains how different parts of your body react to being over- or under-hydrated.

Financial Planning

Mint Logo - Goal-setting appsMint

Stay on top of your finances no matter where you are with the Mint app. With Mint you get custom budgets, in-app financial tips to help you save more, and account activity notifications–not to mention, it’s free to sign up.

Money Box Logo - Goal-setting appsMoney Box

Money Box makes it easy to set different savings goals and track your progress over time. Want to buy a new laptop, a car, and a pet? You can set up a different money tracking goal for each and monitor how your savings are coming along to help you plan for your future and see which dream purchases or goals are on the horizon.

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Diet & Fitness

Fitocracy Logo - Goal-setting appsFitocracy

This app provides a great alternative for people who want to help and encouragement of a coach or community but can’t afford the price of one-on-one personal training or exercise classes at the gym.

You can earn points for workouts, get encouragement from the Fitocracy community, join personal fitness groups online, track your progress, get workout routines and more with Fitocracy.

MyFitnessPal Logo - Goal-setting appsMyFitnessPal

A free calorie counter and activity log to help you keep track of your daily activities ranging from water consumption, calories and macros, cardio, weightlifting, and more. Tracking what you eat for meals and snacks is easy. You can input your own home recipes or even scan the barcode on your packaged snacks for an accurate account of your daily nutrition.

Charity Miles Logo - Goal-setting appsCharity Miles

Make a difference while you log miles. The app tracks the miles you cover while biking, walking, or running, and your mileage earns money to be donated to charity. You can select which charity your contributions will go to, then sponsors donate sums of money based on the mileage you and thousands of other Charity Miles app users log.  Stay fit and contribute to a great cause at the same time? Sounds like a win-win!

Daily Task Tracking

GoalsOnTrack Logo - Goal-setting appsGoalsOnTrack 

If you want to track a wide range of goals in one place, GoalsOnTrack is the app for you. Add goals, assign subtasks to a goal so you know what steps need to be checked off your list, and assign goals due dates. From the dashboard of the app you can see your overall progress across goals and upcoming due dates.

This is a useful app for tracking school projects, planning dream vacations, managing personal finance goals, and more!

CheckMark Goals Logo - Goal-setting appsCheckMark Goals

It’s like a glorified to-do list, and we mean that in the best way possible. Easily add your daily goals, and check them off as you go. You can review missed goals, accomplished goals, and upcoming goals to see where you’re hitting the mark and where you need to focus your energy and attention.

Habit List Logo - Goal-setting appsHabit List

Set recurring goals, individual goals, and even daily tasks that you want to accomplish in Habit List. As the name implies, it’s designed to help you form the habits you desire. Whether you want to schedule reminders to go for a walk midday or deep-clean your home on a weekly basis, this app can help.

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Have you had luck with any of these goal-setting apps? Share your story in the comments below!