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Mobile devices and their helpful apps aren’t just for millennials. They’re also great for seniors. While games might be fun to play, these helpful apps for seniors make everyday tasks a little easier.


apps for seniorsWant to help strengthen your mind? Stay sharp by playing games specifically designed to boost your mental health. Lumosity provides cognitive games and lets you see how you improve over time. Some games are free, but others require a subscription.

Silver Surf

Silver Surf is one of the best apps for seniors for optimizing iPads. The app is only available for iPads, but it’s designed to make web browsing easier. Zooming becomes easier and navigation buttons are larger. Customized contrast settings ensure you have no trouble seeing what’s on the screen.


Skype Online 101 - Successful Skype Online SessionYou probably have friends and family that have moved away. It may be difficult to see them as often as you’d like. Stay in touch and still see them by using Skype. It’s one of the most useful apps for seniors for staying close to family and friends.

Video chat with loved ones for free and interact with your grandchildren from miles away. You can even chat in a group so you can talk to all your kids at once.


Did you just visit your doctor and want to know a little more about your condition? Use the WebMD app to research your condition, learn more about your medications, check symptoms, and even find local pharmacies and hospitals when you’re traveling.

Pill Reminder Apps for Seniors

It’s important to remember to take your pills on time everyday. However, it’s easy to forget sometimes. The Pill Reminder app for Android and Pillboxie for iOS are intuitive apps that make remembering your pills easier than ever.

Pill Reminder is the simpler of the two and involves creating a schedule and setting your alarms. Pillboxie is a prettier app and scheduling is as simple as dropping virtual pills into a pill box.

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apps for seniorsIs it getting more difficult to read your favorite books? Let the Audible app help. Purchase the audiobook of your choice, sit back, and listen as the words come alive. You don’t have to miss out on the latest bestseller anymore. Listen and enjoy.

Dragon Dictation

Mobile keyboards are difficult for anyone to use. This is why Dragon Dictation is one of the most useful apps for seniors. Seniors simply have to talk to create text messages, social media updates, and more. An Android version is available too.


Reading small print in low light is a pain. EyeReader combines the LED light from your iPhone with a magnifying feature. The light brightens text, while the zoom feature magnifies text easily on menus, prescription bottles, and other fine print. You can also take pictures with the app.

Magnifying Glass With Light

apps for seniorsWhen you need to see something small in low light, you need a lighted magnifying glass. Turn your iPhone or iPad into a magnifying flashlight with Magnifying Glass with Light.

For Android users, one of the best apps for seniors for magnifying small text and seeing low light is Magnificent Magnifier HD. It’s a great alternative to the iOS version.

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