A Home Entertainment Center Could Save You Money

Home Entertainment Center

You might think that adding a home entertainment center or home theater system is unaffordable, and it is true that the upgrade could set you back several thousand dollars. At the same time, upgrading your home with a state-of-the-art theater and stereo system could actually save your family money in the long run.

If nothing else, you can use the proposed cost savings to convince your partner to let you make the upgrade. If you need an excuse to upgrade your home with a new entertainment system, just consider the following.

Bring the Movie Theater Experience Home

It is no secret that the cost of attending a movie has risen sharply in recent years. With individual tickets more than $10 a pop, and concession prices on the rise, a family of four can easily drop more than $100 for a single night out, and that doesn’t include the cost of hiring a babysitter if parents need a night out.

If you go to the movies just twice a month, that means you could be spending more than $2,000 just to keep your family entertained. By bringing those movies home, you can save that money – and quickly recoup the cost of your new theater system.

The fact that movies are released to streaming services or available for digital download so quickly after their theatrical release means you will never have to deprive yourself of great entertainment. Just pick what you want to see and have it streamed right to your home entertainment center. Unlike the local movie theater, you will not have to deal with chatty seatmates (maybe), and you can even stop the movie for snack and bathroom breaks.

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Cut the Cord

Streaming services, like Netflix and Hulu, make it easier than ever to give up cable, but only if your TV is up to the task. Upgrading to a state-of-the-art home entertainment center with wireless capabilities and built-in streaming can make it easier to cut the cord and say goodbye to your cable bill. If you aren’t ready to invest in a new smart TV, look into getting a Chromecast for streaming from your phone.

If your cable bill is $100 per month, you could save more than $1,000 a year when your home entertainment center is in place. Even accounting for the cost of streaming services, you could save hundreds of dollars a year, making your new home theater system pay for itself.

Enjoy a Night In

It should be no secret that a night out can be expensive. A single glass of wine at a restaurant could cost as much as a whole bottle of wine you buy yourself, and home-cooked meals are far less expensive than their fine dining equivalents. If you dine out just once a month, you could be spending more than necessary for the experience.

The next time your friends want to go out, why not invite them home instead? You can watch a newly released movie on your home entertainment center, enjoy some drinks, relax and unwind with some good conversation.

Increase the Value of Your Home

State-of-the-art home entertainment centers are in high demand with buyers, so adding one to your home could actually improve its value. It may not be the most compelling reason to add a theater system, but it is one more thing to consider.

If you are thinking about upgrading your current TV to a home theater system, you have plenty of reasons to go ahead. The price of even the largest flat-screen televisions has fallen sharply in recent years, and the related equipment has become just as affordable. In the end, upgrading to a home theater could actually save you money while improving your quality of life.

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