How to Print Your Windows 10 Calendar

The Windows 10 Calendar has all the bells and whistles – except a Print option…

Windows 10 Calendar Print Options Feature Image

Many people have inquired through the Microsoft community forum about how to print calendar view in Windows 10. Officially, the Windows 10 Calendar app does not have a print option like previous versions of Windows. There is no menu selection for printing and the keyboard shortcut Control (Ctrl) + P will not work either! While annoying, it doesn’t mean that the calendar cannot be printed at all… but it isn’t the quick and easy task we were all hoping for.

If you’d like to stick with the Windows 10 Calendar app, and still print it out, here are all the options we found as suggested by users online:

How to Print Calendar in Windows 10

Print Screen Option:

  1. Click (left click button) on the calendar app.
  2. Navigate to the calendar you want to print.
  3. Press the Control (Ctrl) and Print Screen (PrtScn) keys simultaneously
  4. Open a Word document, and paste the screenshot into the document. You can do this with either a right click and select Paste, or pressing the Control (Ctrl) and ‘V’
  5. Print the calendar as a Word document. You may need to edit or resize the image before printing.

Snipping Tool Option:

  1. Click (left click button) on the calendar app.
  2. Navigate to the calendar you want to print.
  3. Open the Snipping Tool program, which you can search for from your Start Menu or Screen.
  4. Drag your cursor around the calendar area you want to capture.
  5. It will automatically pop up with the selected area as an image. You can either save the image file and print from that file, or copy it into a Word document and print as outlined above.

Internet Explorer Option:

Credit goes to a user on this forum for the idea. This option allows you to see all of your appointments and details on one page.

  1. Open Internet Explorer. The user indicated that Firefox and Edge don’t work as well.
  2. Log into your account and navigate to your calendar view.
  3. Find the Page drop down menu on the top left of the screen and set the zoom to 100%.
  4. Expand all of the events on your calendar, if necessary.
  5. Ensure that the entire month is showing (adjust zoom out if needed), and take a screenshot. You can either use the Snipping Tool or Print Screen option above, then proceed to print.

Finally, some users suggested moving platforms to be able to print. The Windows 10 Calendar will sync with Google Calendar. You can then print from Google’s view. (One user preferred to save the Google Calendar as a PDF and then print it.)

The Scoop on When to Expect a Windows 10 Calendar Print Option…

We found a forum response from a Microsoft Support Engineer as recently as January 20, 2016 that confirmed a print option is not yet available in Windows 10 Calendar:

Currently, we don’t have a print option on Windows 10 Calendar app. We welcome you feedback in this regard. Suggest you to post your feedback on Calendar app, which helps us to look into this with the future update and to improve your experience.”

We hope to report better news for printing your Windows 10 Calendar soon!