Improve Work Productivity by Ditching These 7 Bad Tech Habits

Are you spending more time avoiding work than doing it?

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Is your work productivity suffering because of excessive use of technology? If you’re like most people, you probably can’t let an hour go by without browsing online or checking your mobile devices. Smartphones, tablets and various other gadgets are everywhere, making it all too easy to get sidetracked and lose focus on the tasks at hand.

7 Bad Tech Habits That Can Kill Work Productivity

Multitasking Inefficiently

Many people multitask to get things done more quickly. Simultaneously doing a few activities can help you save time when done right. However, it’s essential to know just how much you can handle, and avoid juggling so many tasks that nothing gets done well. For example, don’t type a complex report while texting friends about a party you’re planning to set up. To accomplish things efficiently, make a to-do list, one that’s not too long, and learn how to prioritize.

Social Surfing

It’s not bad to check your social feeds once in a while, but it can be extremely distracting when you do it at work. Before you know it, you’ve already wasted an hour scrolling down your timeline, reading about trending stories, or posting photos of what you had for lunch. It’s important that you draw a line between your personal affairs and professional matters, which is why you should keep your social media activity to a minimum at work.

Compulsively Checking Email

Do you check for new emails every five minutes? Unless your work involves frequent email communication or you have urgent work-related messages you’re waiting for, there’s no need to compulsively read your inbox or sift through spam messages throughout the day. Remember that your daily and weekly goals are more important than looking at that new shopping coupon that popped up on your inbox. You can always check for that sort of thing when you get home. We promise it will still be there.

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Leaving All Notifications Turned On

The fastest way to disrupt your work productivity is to hear the notification that you just got a new Snap (or mention, or whatever). You could always put your phone on silent or set it to vibrate while you are at work. If this isn’t an option, check every app that gives you notifications, and decide which apps are actually important enough to receive notifications from at work. Be sure to set up notifications only if completely necessary.

Too Much Texting

Everybody relies on texting for constant communication, but it’s not always the right time and place to send text messages. If you’re scrambling not to miss a deadline, it’s better to stash your smartphone in your bag, drawer or pocket for a while. And it should go without saying, don’t bring your phone to a meeting. You may need to manage your texting habits to make the most of your working hours.

Browsing to Procrastinate

When you feel stressed out, tired or simply lazy, you might get tempted to wander aimlessly to blogs or news sites instead of focusing on work. This inevitably whittles away your work productivity and motivation, so try to keep your online browsing habits in check. If you are a master procrastinator, it can sometimes help to create and post sticky notes not only about your to-do lists but also about your top must-avoid activities.

Leaving Your Desk Messy

A disorderly workspace is another top work productivity killer. It’s just so hard to keep your concentration when your desk is a mess. Be sure to put away your tech gadgets, and organize pens, papers, staplers and other supplies. When you declutter your workspace, you’ll notice that it may be easier to find things and maintain your focus.

Boosting your work productivity can be challenging, but it’s certainly doable if you stay away from the temptation of technology. That being said, you don’t have to completely deprive yourself of the leisure of posting Facebook updates, texting or reading blogs. The key is to improve your self-control and identify the right time and place for your tech habits. When you manage your time effectively, you’ll feel more accomplished and satisfied that you’ve got things under control.

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