Apple’s iPhone Battery Slowdown Is Now in Your Control

iPhone Battery Slowdown

If you own an older iPhone, you likely already know about the iPhone battery slowdown scandal. Users experiencing the slowdown weren’t notified about any changes from Apple, which only made things worse. Now, Apple is giving control back to users with a new update.

Understanding the iPhone Battery Slowdown

Users began noticing that their iPhones were slowing down during normal use. This only occurred on older models. At first, many thought it was a conspiracy to make them upgrade to the latest models. This theory quickly spread as Apple didn’t do anything to quell the rumors immediately.

Apple actually did implement a special power management feature meant to prevent older iPhone batteries from randomly shutting down users’ phones. The only problem is the feature was implemented quietly and no one understood what happened or why.

The lithium-ion batteries used by iPhones gradually wears out and doesn’t hold a charge as long. The more demands placed on the battery as it ages, the more likely it is to cause the phone to just shutdown. The purpose of the update was to reduce the strain on the battery, which in turn, slowed down the device.

Apple Apologizes

In late December of 2017, Apple issued an apology and explained the reasoning behind the iPhone battery slowdown problem. The slowdowns affected most iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 7 models.

In the apology, Apple gave customers a few solutions for preventing the slowdowns, including:

  • Waiting for an update to provide more control over the battery
  • Decreasing the cost of an out-of-warranty replacement battery from $79 to $29. This, however, only applies to users with an iPhone 6 or later.

Apple has promised to work on a solution to prevent the shutdown problem that occurs as the battery starts to age. They also promise to be more clear about changes like this in the future.

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iPhone Battery Slowdown Update

A new update is coming in Spring 2018 to address this problem. With the iOS 11.3 update, you’ll be able to prevent Apple from slowing down your iPhone. Plus, you’ll also get a tool that allows you to see the health of your battery at any time.

Apple doesn’t recommend that you opt out of your iPhone slowing down. You could still experience shutdowns since the battery’s health is deteriorating.

Odds are, you’ve probably heard more about the upcoming Animoji feature than being able to take charge of whether your device slows down or not. However, be patient because control is finally being given back.

In the Meantime

For now, you do have a few options. The main option is to get a replacement battery for your iPhone. This is actually a good idea if you plan to hold on to your device for another year or so. After all, a new battery means you get to spend more time using your phone versus charging it.

The other option is to limit your usage. For instance, if you have an app that you know drains your battery quickly, limit how often you use it or find a less battery intensive version.

The only other option is to just be patient for a few more months until the update is released.

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