Kid-Proof Tablet Cases

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Kid-Proof Tablet Cases

Kids aren’t exactly gentle on their tablets. This is why it’s important to use kid-proof tablet cases to guard against all the extra wear and tear. While some tablets are made specifically for kids, special cases help you protect any type of tablet, while still letting your kids enjoy it.

Must-Have Features

Even though you’ll easily find hundreds of kid-proof tablet cases, all of them aren’t created equally. It’s important to think about all the ways your little one might interact with their tablet. For instance, do they often have juice or a glass of milk while playing their favorite game? How often do they drop it on the floor as they run off to do something else?

Some of the most important features to look for when buying a tablet case for your kid include:

  • Shockproof with extended edges – helps protect the screen if it’s dropped screen down
  • Handles – helps kids hold the tablet easier
  • Feet or kickstand – allows kids to play without needing to hold the tablet
  • Rubberized or silicone – makes it easier to grip the tablet
  • Durable screen protector (may need to purchase separately) – protects against scratches and sometimes liquids
  • Waterproof (often hardest to find) – protects against all those random spills

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Kid-Proof Tablet Cases

While the variety of cases varies based on the tablet your kid has, there’s likely kid-proof tablet cases to fit. Some great examples of cases designed specifically for kids include:Speck iGuy – The case looks like a cute little person. Arms work as handles and the legs work as a kickstand. Extended edges help protect the screen and it’s easy to add a screen protector from the same company.

Otterbox – While these are designed for everyone, the line of ultra-durable cases and screen protectors keep your kid’s tablet protected.

Fintie Casebot Kiddie Light and Kiddie Case – These two cases are designed to be shockproof. They’re lightweight and the Kiddie Case even features a handle that converts into a kickstand.

Okstation EVA Drop-Proof iPad Mini Case – This case features three handles and resembles a steering wheel. It’s durable and features a pop-out kickstand. It’s actually designed with babies in mind.

Logitech Big Bang Case – It’s not exactly cute, but it protects tablets from drops, spills, and scratches.

Griffin KaZoo Cases – These transform tablets into cute, yet highly durable animals. The ears and legs make it easier to grip and the legs serve as a sturdy stand.

While most of these are for iPads and Samsung tablets, they do give you a good idea of the features kid-proof tablets should have.

Kid-Friendly Tablets

Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet

Another alternative is to buy a kid-friendly tablet. These are often made to be more durable and come complete with a scratch and spill-resistant screen protector. Some include a choice of protective cases or are built-in to a case. A few examples include:

Before you let your kid have a tablet, make sure you have the right case to protect it and make it last.

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