5 Must-Have Microsoft Edge Extensions

Protect your privacy and post to social with these browser apps...

Microsoft Edge Extensions feature

One of the biggest complaints about Microsoft Edge has been the lack of any extensions. Microsoft listened and now you’re finally able to download and install Microsoft Edge extensions straight from your browser.

Benefits of Using Extensions

If you’re currently happy with Edge the way it is, you might not see any need for extensions. While they’re not required to enjoy browsing, extensions give you benefits, such as improved privacy, in-browser note taking, and helping you post to social media. Instead of needing separate programs, you’re able to extend the functionality of your browser.

Download Microsoft Edge Extensions

The best part of the new Microsoft Edge extensions is they’re easy to download and install. Before we go any further, it’s important to note that you will need to download the Windows 10 Anniversary Update before you’re able to access Edge extensions.

If the update hasn’t installed yet, check Windows Update on your device to see if it’s scheduled or if any other updates need to be installed first.

Once you have the update, open the Edge browser and click the ellipses in the top right corner for the More menu. Select Extensions > Get extensions from the Store to browse all available extensions. Select any of the Microsoft Edge extensions to read more about them and click Free to install any that you like.

Go back to Microsoft Edge to read about the extension after installation. Select Turn on to start using the extension.

Microsoft Edge Extensions to Try Today

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve narrowed down your search to five Microsoft Edge extensions to try. For now, the available extensions are limited, but more could be added in the future.

Microsoft Edge extensionsAdBlock Plus is perfect for anyone that wants to browse with fewer ads, pop-ups, and tracking elements. It’s a little added privacy online. The extension will even allow unobtrusive ads so websites still earn from ad revenue.

Microsoft Edge extensionsPinterest Pin It Button is one of the must have Microsoft Edge extensions if you use Pinterest. Simply press the Pin It button from Edge to pin images, web pages, and more without going back and forth between Pinterest and your current browser window.

Microsoft Edge extensionsAmazon Assistant is designed to make getting deals from Amazon and keeping tabs on your account easier. Compare products, get notifications, and even check the Deal of the Day straight from the extension without going to the full Amazon website.

Microsoft Edge extensionsPocket gives you quick access to save articles, videos, and more that you find online to your Pocket account. You don’t always have time to check out all the interesting things you find while browsing. Click the Save to Pocket icon in Edge and the page is saved for you to read later.

Microsoft Edge extensionsEvernote Web Clipper is the perfect companion to Evernote. If you want to save web pages, images, or clips from web pages, this is one of the top Microsoft Edge extensions for you. Quickly clip things you find and organize them in notebooks in Evernote.

Gives these Microsoft Edge extensions a try to see how you like the brand new Edge.

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