Mind, Body, Soul, Smartphone? 7 Yoga Apps to Try

Deep breath in, deep breath out...

Yoga Apps to Try - feature

All you need is a smartphone, an app, and some free space to find your inner peace while toning and stretching your body. Yoga apps let you practice yoga from the comfort of your own home. Learn new poses, benefits of each pose, and how to fit yoga into even the busiest schedules.

7 Yoga Apps to Guide Your Practice

  • Down Dog

Down Dog Yoga icon - yoga appsDown Dog is one of the best yoga apps to spice up your routine. You’re greeted to a new yoga sequence each time you start the app. This adds variety to help you learn more poses faster. \

Choose a playlist and a duration and you’re ready to go.

Get the App: Free – iOS | Android

  • Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga icon - yoga appsThe extensive yoga app contains over 500 yoga poses and 100 full yoga sessions. HD videos guide you through each pose.

Choose from different durations, intensities, and scheduled plans, such as weight loss and relaxation.

Get the App: Free – iOS | Android

  • 5 Minute Yoga

5 Minute Yoga icon - yoga appsThis iOS only app serves up quick five minute yoga sessions. It’s ideal for those wanting to practice yoga, but who always seem to be short on time.

Poses are timed to perfectly fit within five minutes without feeling rushed.

Get the App: $3.99 iOS

  • Yoga.com Studio

Yoga.com Studio icon - yoga appsYoga apps don’t have to keep you solitary. This app comes complete with a social community for motivation and learning new programs.

Use the built-in poses, programs, and HD videos for all skill levels. Make sure you’re doing poses correctly with the 3D muscle images.

Get the App: $3.99 iOS | Free Android

  • Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio icon - yoga appsYoga Studio is one of the most popular yoga apps. Customization is the key feature. Choose from different HD video classes that last from 10 to 60 minutes.

You can even create your own classes. Schedule classes in advance or quickly choose from over 70 different meditation and yoga classes.

Get the App: $3.99 iOS | $3.99 Android

  • Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga icon - yoga appsSome yoga apps don’t explain the benefits of different poses. Pocket yoga lists over 200 poses, along with benefits and descriptions.

Guided audio and video instructions help you master poses, including proper breathing. The app includes 27 sessions which vary by difficulty and duration.

Get the App: $2.99 iOS | $2.99 Android

  • Simply Yoga

Simply Yoga Free icon - yoga appsSimply Yoga is one of the best free yoga apps for beginners. The free version of the app focuses only on Level 1 sessions for beginners that range from 20 to 60 minutes.

Audio and video instructions guide you through each pose.

Get the App: Free – iOS | Android

What’s your favorite yoga practice app? Share with us in the comments below!

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