What’s New in the Apple Watch Series 2

The Apple Watch just got a lot more interesting...

Apple watch series 2 feature

The latest smartwatch from the tech giant Apple was unveiled yesterday: Apple Watch Series 2.

The current version of the Apple Watch on the market has been re-named the Apple Watch Series 1 to differentiate the two watches.

At the September Apple Event, however, not just one new smartwatch was debuted, but two! Read on to learn which popular fitness brand teamed up with Apple on a brand new runner’s watch…

Apple Watch Series 2: Improvements and Updates

New Apps

The Series 2 will have new apps released for it, including the Breathe app and Pokémon GO.

Defined by KSI Technology, LLC, “Breathe is a mindfulness app that helps you stay calm and battle anxiety by sending you gentle deep breathing reminders throughout the day.”

Pokémon GO will also be synced to the Apple Watch, making it even easier for players to track and catch Pokémon even if their iPhone is tucked away in a pocket or purse.


Apple Watch Series 2 LifestyleAs for the watch itself, the most exciting feature announced is that the Apple Watch Series 2 is swim-proof.

Swim-proof means the phone is water resistant up to 50 meters in depth.

Even more interesting is that in order to overcome the issue of potentially water-logged speakers, the newest Apple Watch has been designed to push out any trapped water when you play sound – that’s right, the speaker will essentially take care of itself.

What’s more is that coupled with the new swim-proof functionality, the Apple Watch is finally making its mark as a wearable activity tracker. Equipped with GPS, the Series 2 can track various physical activity. This includes heart rate, calories burned, elevation changes while hiking, how fast you swim, and more.

New Options for Look & Feel

Just like its predecessor, the Apple Watch Series 2 comes in aluminum and stainless steel, Apple Watch Series 2 Ceramicbut also will be released in a white ceramic. There will be new band options for color and clasp-type, however beyond those small tweaks the look and feel will remain the same.

Improved Performance

Beyond the key features outlined above, the inner workings of the Apple Watch have also received some improvements. Improved features include:

  • Dual-core processor
  • New GPU for improved apps and detailed graphics capabilities
  • Brightest display on any Apple product to-date

Bonus Smartwatch Announcement: Apple Watch Nike+

Apple Watch Nike+ - Apple Watch Series 2In partnership with Nike, Apple also unveiled the Apple Watch Nike+.

Designed for runners, the new smartwatch features a stretchy, lightweight, breathable band, aluminum case, and apps centered around the concept of a Nike running club for Apple Watch wearers.

It’s designed with runners in mind, with motivational alerts that can be customized and are unique to each users’ lifestyle and habits. Users can connect with other Apple Watch Nike+ wearers to form running clubs, compete against fellow runners, and share milestones.

The Price of Apple’s Watches

Both the Apple Watch Series 2 and the Apple Watch Nike+ will both retail for $369 US MSRP.

Bonus: The Apple Watch Series 1 is still available on the market and will also be released with the improved dual-core processor. The price of the Series 1 is $269 US MSRP.

Will you be purchasing the new Apple Watch Series 2 or the Apple Watch Nike+? We’re definitely tempted!