7 Noteworthy Features in the New iPhone 7

This is a far cry from the original iPhone, and that's a good thing...

New iPhone 7 feature

Considering Apple has sold over one billion iPhones, it’s safe to say that Apple is an expert when it comes to smartphones. Apple unveiled the new iPhone 7 at the Apple Event on September 7, 2016, and with the release came many expected changes as well as a few key surprises.

Whether you were waiting to upgrade to a new iPhone until Apple’s big release this month or simply curious as to what the tech giant delivered, read on to find out what’s new in the iPhone 7. And yes, that’s the official name of the latest iPhone. 

Key Features and Improvements in the New iPhone 7

1) Seamless Design

New iPhone 7 Plus product shot
iPhone 7 Plus. Image: Apple

The new iPhone 7’s smooth surface seemingly blends from the aluminum body to the glass screen, and is water and dust-resistant. The iPhone 7 will be available in the following colors:

  • NEW! Jet Black (a high-gloss finish)
  • Black
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Rose Gold

2) Static, Force-sensitive Home Button

It’s official: the Home Button is no longer clickable, but will be touch-sensitive and deliver tactile feedback to alert users of notifications like incoming calls. This doesn’t mean the Home Button has been killed off, simply updated to use the same Taptic Engine that is already in iPods and Macbook trackpads.

Third party applications will be able to program Taptic feedback into their apps for enhanced user experience beyond text message alerts and alarms.

3) Apple’s First Water-Resistant iPhone

Unlinke the Apple Watch Series 2, which is swim-proof, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are water-resistant. The difference? While Apple’s smartwatch can be submerged for a lap session in the pool, the new iPhone 7 is tailored to withstand the occasional splash at most.

4) Analog Headphone Jack, No More

So long, AUX cords! Apple is moving away from the analog headphone jack and moving to the Lightning plug-in for iPhone 7 headphones. The good news for people who already have headphones with the analog headphone jack is that Apple will be providing a Lightning adapter with all new iPhones.

Looking for an adapter? The Digital Care Shop has a few styles to choose from!

Apple is removing the analog jack in order to…

  • make use of the Lightning connector rather than having two plug-in ports.
  • free up space for other enhancements in the iPhone, such as the camera.
  • provide the opportunity to go wireless with accessories like AirPods.

5) Upgraded Camera Functionality

Good news for all budding photography enthusiasts, the much-anticipated new iPhone 7 camera features quality improvements across the board.  Here’s a snapshot of all the new camera features in the iPhone 7:

New iPhone 7 Camera screenshot
Screenshot from the Apple Event Keynote, September 2016.

The front-side camera, used by most people for FaceTime and taking selfies, is improved from 5 megapixels to 7.

The iPhone 7 Plus also boasts an extra camera, providing the new phone with both a wide lens and a telephoto lens. This product enhancement ties into a free software update slated to roll out later in the year for improved zoom functionality in a variety of shots.

6) Going Wireless

While Lightning-enabled EarPods will be included with each new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, wireless headphones, named AirPods, will be available late October. 

New iPhone 7 Airpods
iPhone 7 Plus and AirPods. Image: Apple

Equipped with voice recognition, you can double-tap your Airpod to connect to Siri or even use a single AirPod as a headphone for your calls.

The same chip that allows the AirPods to wirelessly connect with your Apple devices is also now available in the following Beats headphones:

7) Best iPhone Performance, Yet

Not only have new features highlighted above been added to the latest iPhone, but the performance and efficiency of the smartphone has been enhanced as well. Here’s what iPhone 7 users can look forward to:

  • Longest iPhone battery life ever: if moving from iPhone 6 to 7, you can expect to get 2 more hours of battery life
  • Four core CPU: 2 high-performance cores and 2 high-efficiency cores to balance the phone’s enhanced speed and power usage
  • Improved graphics: 240 times the power of the original iPhone
  • Console-level gaming for CPU, graphics, speakers, and more!

Other iPhone 7 Announcements from the Apple Event

It makes all the things you do everyday so much better.
– Tim Cook, Apple CEO

  • The iOS 10 update is coming soon, and will include new features such as being able to wake your iPhone simply by lifting it.
  • iMessages will have new effects, including bubble effects and full-screen effects like confetti falling across messages.
  • The iPhone 7 has stereo speakers for the first time, and offers twice the volume of the iPhone 6s.
  • Apple Pay will be available to more countries in the coming months, expanding its reach so that more users can take advantage of the easy-payment feature from Apple.

The New iPhone 7’s Price

The new iPhone 7 can be pre-ordered now, and will be available on September 16, 2016.

  • iPhone 7: Starts at $649 US MSRP
  • iPhone 7 Plus: Starts at $769 US MSRP

Curious as to what else was announced at the Apple Event? Click here to watch the full keynote from Apple.

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