Nostalgia Tech: How the Past is Influencing the Future

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nostalgia tech

Who hasn’t stopped and reminisced about how much better things were in the past? Nostalgia tech is bringing back some of things you loved a few decades ago, but with a modern twist, of course. Sometimes, the tech people loved in the past is just what’s needed to influence future tech. In fact, early on-set nostalgia is making retro cool again.

Nintendo Goes Old School

One of the biggest examples of successful nostalgia tech has to be the release of the NES Classic. For anyone growing up in the 80s and 90s, Nintendo systems were the must have item. To bring back the fun of those simpler times, Nintendo released an all-in-one console with 30 classic games. Think of it as the mini-version of the original.

A Super NES Classic system is being released on September 29, 2017 for fans of this system, especially since the NES Classic is no longer in production. Nintendo is definitely enjoying the nostalgia tech trend with both of these systems and the highly successful Pokémon GO app.

Smartphones Get A Retro Downgrade

Nokia 3310
Nokia 3310

Who doesn’t miss the simplicity of a basic flip phone? You didn’t have to worry about butt dialing anyone or if you had enough space for apps. Privacy wasn’t an issue since these early phones had no GPS tracking or apps that wanted access to your entire life history. The Nokia 3310 is a prime example with its simple rounded design and actual dial-pad (real buttons).

However, it has gotten a modern upgrade, such as a better screen, 2 MP camera, and ability to get online, though the connection is slower. What makes it so popular? If you don’t need to live a 24/7 connected life, this throwback phone has 22 hours of talk time and up to a month of standby time for only $50.

Of course, BlackBerry had to get in on the nostalgia action. After all, would today’s smartphones even exist without BlackBerry’s inspiration? While the new BlackBerry KEYone smartphone has many of today’s smartphone functions, it also has something many users loved – a real keyboard. And these are just two examples of the many retro phones coming out.

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Digital Meets Turntables

Digital music was supposed to eliminate CDs and especially vinyl records. But, nostalgia tech means there’s room for all kinds of music formats. In 2015 alone, vinyl sales were higher than that of ad-supported streaming services, such as Spotify and YouTube. That’s why turntables have made a massive comeback. There’s also all-in-one systems with a turntable, USB slot, CD player, and AUX jack to blend retro with today’s music preferences.

Apps Getting in on the Trend

The Tetris app is available for iOS and Android
The Tetris app is available for iOS and Android.

Finally, apps had to be mentioned when talking about nostalgia tech. While apps are definitely modern, they’re also the perfect medium to blend the past and future. Taking what people love about the past and bringing it to them in app form helps create a blended future. For instance, find some of your favorite retro games, such as Tetris and Sonic The Hedgehog in app format. Product Hunt has a great list of apps and sites that show how nostalgia tech still has a place.

Does nostalgia tech hurt innovation? No. It just proves that the past is always influencing the future.

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