Why 2017 is the Year of Online Grocery Shopping

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Online grocery shopping started making waves in the past few years, but 2017 may just become the year that makes brick-and-mortar stores take notice. From online-only grocers to physical stores offering online shopping options, there is a new trend that seeks to end the hassle of going to crowded stores and standing in line while your stomach grumbles.

Consumers Turn to Online Grocery Shopping

Nearly everyone shops for groceries. After all, everyone needs food. Yet, no one really enjoys standing in long lines after work or loading and unloading their cart. Online grocery shopping eliminates the need to even get out of your pajamas to grab what you need. You pick your groceries online and they’re delivered to your door.

Of course, not everyone loves the idea. Perishables and price are two sticking points for many. For non-perishables, the online option could be more convenient. One thing online shoppers love is pre-filled carts based on past orders. This makes shopping even faster.

Online Grocery Shopping – A Growing Trend

In the last year, online grocery sales grew by 15% to top $48 billion worldwide. Amazon is one of the front runners to push the trend with options, such as Wickedly Prime and AmazonFresh. It was Amazon’s way of competing against physical grocers, such as Walmart.

By 2025, experts believe online grocery sales will account for 20% of all grocery sales. Approximately 25% of Americans already buy at least some of their groceries online. This number is expected to increase to around 70% in the next decade.

The biggest indicator of the trend towards online versus in-store grocery shopping is the number of local stores offering online shopping options. Some chains offer online ordering with in-store pickup, while others deliver straight to your door. It’s a way for physical stores to start competing with major online retailers, such as Amazon.

Currently, experts don’t see online grocery shopping as a replacement for physical stores. Instead, they see the trend as the perfect compliment to shopping in-store.

Trying Out Online Grocery Shopping Options

If you’re curious about trying the trend, start by checking with your favorite local store or chain. They may already offer online ordering and delivery. If not, you still have online grocery stores who are eager to show you the convenience of grocery shopping online. Some of the top online options include:

Amazon Grocery – Amazon offers a wide range of grocery items, including subscription items that come at a discount. With Amazon Prime, shipping may be free, which reduces costs even more.

FreshDirect – If you want fresh food from local farms, FreshDirect is the perfect online grocer. Organic, gourmet, and fresh foods are their specialty. They don’t deliver to all areas yet.

GoBio – GoBio specializes in organic and gluten-free foods. They deliver throughout the United States and Canada. You even get free shipping with $85 orders.

Safeway – While delivery isn’t available everywhere, Safeway does provide low shipping costs. There is a large variety to choose from and even personalized directions for items. You can get one hour delivery on certain orders.

ShopFoodEx – ShopFoodEx has been around since 2002 and offers a wide variety of groceries. They even have seasonal specials and specialty items.

Whether you order a few items or a cart load, you might just fall in love with online grocery shopping in 2017.

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