Organizational Apps to Simplify Your Life

Organizational Apps

How often do you wish you could be more organized? While to-do lists are great, it’s easy to lose all those random pieces of paper. What about keeping track of important dates or passwords? Organizational apps are designed to keep you on track, no matter what you need to organize. Depending on your needs, you might actually want to use several different apps.

Must-Have Organizational Apps

Smart Closet

Do you have a hard time remembering what’s in your closet? It’d be so much easier to create the perfect outfit if you could see everything at once. Smart Closet has you covered. It’s like a virtual closet in your pocket. Easily add items by search or photo. Plan out looks in advance or create random ones based on custom rules. It’s one of the best organizational apps to get your closet under control.


organizational appsIFTTT stands for If This Then That. Think of it as the one app to rule them all. The app allows you to use pre-created or custom rules to connect your favorite devices and services. After all, technology doesn’t always want to play nice together. Since everything runs on auto-pilot once it’s set up, you set it once and you stay organized.

Google Keep

organizational appsGoogle Keep takes the features you love from many other organizational apps and puts them all into a single app. Easily create to-do lists, shopping lists, and more. Share them with others so everyone can work on checking off items together. Set quick notes with reminders so you never forget to do something. Filter all your notes by color, type, and other attributes.

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One of the hardest things to keep track of is passwords. While there are numerous ways to store passwords, one of the best options is LastPass. The app stores all your passwords and even fills in your personal details on websites. All you have to remember is a single password.  It really is that easy. The app even has a password generator to help you create stronger passwords.


organizational appsHow often do you skip great articles online because you don’t have time to read them right that second? Of course, it’s impossible to find them later. Pocket is one of the best organizational apps for anyone who wants to save online content to check out later. All it takes is a few clicks to store articles, videos, images, and more. Plus, you get to check it all later offline.


Stay on track of to-do lists, projects, and goals with Wunderlist. Create simple checklists, share them with others, and collaborate to get more done. Plus, you’re able to set reminders for every item. It’s one of the easiest organizational apps to learn to use, but the features make it an app you’ll turn to for a variety of needs. It’s available for mobile devices, desktops, and the web. Wunderlist syncs between all your devices to keep you organized.



Trello is among the best organizational apps for both teams and individuals. It’s designed for collaboration. You create lists, notes, and more on cards. The dashboard looks similar to Pinterest. It integrates well with other apps too, such as Google Drive and Evernote. Just like with Pinterest, you create boards for each project. Plan out your family vacation, a birthday party, or even your own business.

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Most organizational apps focus on goals, projects, and reminders. Sortly is different. It’s all about helping you organize what you own. Quickly add your music or book collection. Keep an inventory of all your clothes or wines. It’s as easy as snapping a picture. You’re able to see different collections at a glance.

The app also makes it easy to see where things are stored. This makes it ideal for staying organized during a move. No matter what you collect or want to inventory, this app makes it simple.

Medication Management Apps

Those pill organizers work well, but they don’t actually remind you to take your medication daily or at a certain time. Thanks to your smartphone and a medication management app, you’re now able to create timers for every pill. If you try searching for these apps, you’ll find hundreds.

Some of the top apps to choose from include:

  • Medisafe – The Pill Reminder app helps you organize all your medications and provides notifications for each. You can even share with your friends, family, and doctors to track your progress.
  • MyMeds – Track your medications and easily set up all your information in just a few clicks. Get reminders via the apps, desktop browser, or text.
  • MyMedSchedule (iOS only) – Set up email reminders, track all your labs, and create custom medication schedules. Medication Guide isn’t designed to remind you to take your pills. However, it does allow you to set up medication records, research current medications, check for interactions, and more.

Meal Planning Apps

Whether you’re on a special diet or just want to eat healthier, you need a meal planning app to keep you organized. From creating a dish from ingredients you have on hand to building grocery lists from recipes, these apps make eating more fun and less stressful:

  • Yummly – Filter recipes by ingredient, nutrition requirements, and more. Save the recipes you like and the app generates grocery lists for you.
  • Pepperplate – Easily add and manage recipes, plan out meals, scale recipes to meet your needs, and stay on track with cooking timers.
  • Fooducate (iOS only) – Track what you eat to see how it fits in with your dietary needs. Scan products in store to see nutritional information to plan healthier meals.
  • Eat This Much – Get personalized meal plans based on food preferences, nutritional goals, budget, and much more. The app even has a calorie tracker.
  • Mealime – Quickly plan meals for an entire week with individual settings for each family member. Get easy to prepare meals and shop quickly with auto-generated grocery lists.

Staying organized doesn’t have to be a challenge. Download a few of these apps today and see what a difference organization makes in your life.

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