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Pinterest is often seen as the social network for women, but it’s for men too. All the things that women love about the site are the same things that make Pinterest for men. Many men are starting to see that the site is useful for them when it’s used the right way.

Pinterest for Men

As of December 2015, Pinterest’s user demographic was predominately female with 71% of users being women and only 29% being male. However, more men are starting to take notice that the site isn’t a women’s only club.

It’s now just as much Pinterest for men as it is Pinterest for women and here are just a few ways men are making the site work for them:

  • Tracking fun gadgets and products
  • Keeping track of reading lists
  • Building man caves
  • Being a stay at home dad
  • Creating wish lists
  • Planning vacations or pinning memories
  • Collecting images of yummy food
  • Staying on top of favorite hobbies
  • Gathering hilarious memes, one-liners, and other comedic pins

You might notice that this doesn’t vary much from what women do on Pinterest. The key to the site is to pin the things that interest you, whether you’re a man or a woman.

Alternatives to Pinterest for Men

It’s still hard to get past all the wedding planning, crafting, and dieting food boards on Pinterest that tend to crowd Pinterest. If you’d rather skip Pinterest and find a site dedicated to the art of being a man, there are alternatives that are made specifically for you.


Dudepins believes in helping you find “everything that’s manly.” It’s designed to bring men a wide variety of pictures, videos, and products made for guys. It looks and works much like Pinterest, so men switching from one site to the other shouldn’t have any problem learning how the site works. Expect to find plenty of images of bacon, action and comedy stars, classic cars, sports, and the hottest new gadgets.


Gentlemint is another popular alternative. While it looks similar to Pinterest, the site is dedicated to bringing guys content from numerous sources. You’ll find articles and videos on cars, food, fitness, pop culture, world news, and more. You’re free to gather and share all the manly links you love. There are even discussions for guys to participate in.

While both sites cater to men, women are, of course, free to join too. Try out all three sites to see which one gives you more of what you’re most interested in.

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