Take control of your Windows 10 experience.

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Customize Windows 10 from one screen!

A lot has changed in Windows 10, and Win10 Wizard provides simple on/off toggles for all the new settings that affect can affect the security and privacy of your personal information.

Win10 Wizard is a free tool that reveals key steps every user should take to upgrade and run Windows 10 successfully.

PC users have more options than ever with the new Windows 10 operating system. With so many offerings, Microsoft has received a lot of user questions about how to best set up Windows 10. Win10 Wizard is a free tool that helps you solve these important issues:

  1. Do I qualify for a Windows 10 upgrade?
  2. How can I make sure I’ve customized my Windows 10 settings properly?

Whether you want to upgrade, or have upgraded already, Win10 Wizard offers essential features for every Windows 10 user:

All-In-One Windows 10 Settings Manager

Easy control of Windows 10 settings like security, privacy, location tracking, desktop themes and more…

  • Are you aware of how Microsoft is tracking your personal data? Read more.
  • Easy Windows 10 Upgrade Scan

    Run our quick scan to assess your system for a Windows 10 upgrade. Get a full compatibility report and be confident that your upgrade will be a success!

  • Should you take the plunge and upgrade to Windows 10? Read more.
  • Post-Upgrade Support

    Easily see Windows 10 upgrade issues related to drivers, applications and extensions and receive repair advice.

    Bonus: Want to preview all of your options for Windows 10 desktop themes? View here.

    Should you take the plunge and upgrade to Windows 10?

    You can expect the return of the Start Menu and new features like Cortana and Edge, plus more in the major update released in November 2015. See our full review of Windows 10 and what you can expect… Read More

    Plus, learn more about your options in Windows 10 with our Ultimate Settings Guide below!

    Windows 10 Privacy Settings:

    Don’t default to Windows 10 recommended privacy settings and risk your personal details and data security. While there are many positive reviews of Windows 10, there are important things to know about how Microsoft is now handing users’ personal information… Read More

    Windows 10 Security Settings:

    Security settings in Windows 10 handle new features like Wi-Fi Sense, which can allow other users access to your secure internet connection, and other tracking tools like Microsoft’s automatic user behavior feedback system… Read More

    Windows 10 Location Settings:

    Many apps and services now offer customized results based on GPS and tracking of your location, thanks to Windows Geolocation Service. Learn what this service does and what happens if you disable it… Read More

    Windows 10 Theme Customization Settings:

    Want to get a tour of the new Windows 10 look and feel? Learn more about the popular Dark Theme, see the new Clock & Calendar, Battery Indicator, Volume Control and more. Plus, learn how to change the default login screen image! Read More