Selfie Apps and Gadgets to Put Your Best Face Forward

Selfie Apps and Gadgets

Taking that perfect selfie can be torture without the right selfie apps and gadgets. From trying to get just the right angle to doing a few quick edits, you need the right tools at your disposal to go from selfie novice to selfie pro. Plus, you’ll definitely want to be ready the next time National Selfie Day comes around.

Selfie Apps


Retrica takes Instagram filters to the next level and currently offers 158 free filters to make yourself look amazing. The app itself is free for iOS and Android, but filter packs are available for purchase. It’s ideal for customizing your selfies and showing off your creative side.


selfie apps and gadgetsFacetune is among the best selfie apps and gadgets for helping you look your best. It’s designed to fine tune your selfies and get rid of pesky issues, such as gray hairs, red eye, and even random pimples. It doesn’t stop there. You can even apply digital makeup for that perfect, just woke-up selfie. It’s $3.99 for iOS and $5.99 for Android. If you like Facetune, try the new Facetune2 for iOS.


Aviary was purchased by Adobe and gives you much of the photo-editing power you’d expect from an Adobe product. The newest version is only available for iOS. Do quick touch-ups, blur the background, add captions, and even create your own selfie memes. The controls are easy to use and you can upload your selfies publicly. An older version is available for Android devices.


selfie apps and gadgetsHave you ever wanted to capture both your expression and what you’re looking at in a single shot? With Frontback, you can. It’s a must have among selfie apps and gadgets to get a dual look inside the typical selfie. It uses both your front and back cameras to take two shots. It’s not filled with fancy features, but it serves its unique purpose well. It’s available for free on iOS and Android.

YouCam Perfect

No one looks perfect, but with YouCam Perfect, you can come close. Perform quick touch-ups or even reshape your face with just a few taps. The app is designed to help you showcase your best self. Some call it virtual plastic surgery. Filters and background effects help you get the perfect look every time. You can even create short selfie videos. It’s available for free on iOS and Android.


It’s been rumored that the Kardashians use to up their selfie game. Instead of your standard selfie app, Perfect365 is a virtual makeup app. Upload your selfie and beautify yourself with numerous makeup varieties and hair styles. Brands often upload their latest products for you to try on virtually to see how you’d look.


Instagram - Photo Editing Apps to TryIt’s hard to talk about selfie apps and gadgets without mentioning Instagram. Customize selfies with numerous filters and overlays. Add your own captions and drawings. Plus, you can instantly save your selfies for all your Instagram followers to see. It’s the perfect mix of selfie app and social network.


SnapchatSnapchat is also considered a giant among selfie apps. As part social network too, the app lets you quickly add fun filters and overlays. Create fun shots with your own captions. Share them immediately with all your friends. You can even create short videos to showcase your selfie in action.

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PIP Camera

selfie apps and gadgetsPIP Camera offers some truly unique effects. For instance, blur the background and showcase your selfie inside a glass bottle or bubble. While there aren’t many editing features, the frames, filters, and overlays make this app a standout. It’s available on both iOS and Android.

Selfie Editor

Despite the bland sounding name, Selfie Editor is a powerful editing app exclusive to iOS. Make simply touch-ups for perfect selfies. Adjust your skin tone, remove dark circles, and even give yourself a virtual facelift. Plus, the app features a wide range of filters to help you create your best selfies yet.

Selfie Gadgets

Light Case

selfie apps and gadgets
Lumee Duo Case in Rose Matte

The LuMee Duo case line for iPhone features two thin strips of light. Tap once for a soft flattering light or twice for a brighter light to take the perfect selfies in dim lighting. A wide range of cases are available for $69.95.

The Allure Selfie Case was created by Allure and CaseMate. It’s designed for iPhone and features bands of light like the LuMee Duo. It also has a 360-degree ring that rotates to give you more stability and the perfect angle.

Selfie Ring Lights

selfie apps and gadgets
Ocathnon Selfie Ring

The Ocathnon Selfie Ring is a light that clips on to your phone or other device. It provides three levels of lighting to get the perfect light no matter what. For just $10.99, it’s ideal for putting in your pocket or purse if you don’t want a special selfie case.

The Selfie Halo Ring works similar to the Ocathon. It’s designed to provide professional lighting for perfect selfies. It’s usually on sale for less than $20.

Selfie Stick

Mpow iSnap

No matter how many selfie apps and gadgets you have, you must have a selfie stick. They’re simple gadgets that give you more distance from your phone. Plus, they’re inexpensive with most prices ranging from $10 to $40.

Snap Pets

Want a cuter way to take selfies? Try Snap Pets. The Bluetooth mini-cameras sync with your phone. Currently, the app is only available for iOS. The best part is you can set them anywhere to take long distance selfies.

B-Land Cell Phone Holder With Selfie Ring Light

selfie apps and gadgets
B-Land Cell Phone Holder

If you want a selfie stick and light in one, try the B-Land Cell Phone Holder. It clips to most tables and thin counter tops. Two flexible cables let you perfectly position your phone and light for optimal selfies. This is also ideal for taking group selfies and ensuring stability for your shots. It’s surprisingly cheap at just $23.99.

The Aduro Solid Grip Smartphone Stand works similar to the B-Land holder, but it’s just the stand and works well if you don’t need the light. It’s a little cheaper at $19.99.

Mini Tripod

Joby GorrilaPod 1K

For long distance and more stable selfies, a mini tripod is a must have, especially one with flexible legs. Some of the best options include:

Popsockets are also a great way to prop up your phone and get a better grip for selfies.

Clip-On Lenses

selfie apps and gadgets
ZPTONE 2 in 1 Clip-on Lens Kit

If your built-in camera can’t get the angle just right, try clip-on lenses to get special effects, such as wide angel and fisheye.

Try out some of these selfie apps and gadgets to start taking the most incredible selfies of your life.

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