Learn to Sign: 5 Free Sign Language Apps

Learn how to fingerspell and converse with others...

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Are you ready to learn sign language? With so many different resources available online to help anyone learn to sign, from YouTube videos to dedicated websites, it can be hard to decide where to start. Sign language apps are a great option for on-the-go learning, especially if you are more prone to having a smartphone rather than a laptop on hand.

Learning a language can be tough, but apps like the ones listed below can make learning new skills fun.  Interactive videos, games, and tutorials offer different methods to learn new signs so you never get bored, frustrated, or burnt out when trying to get a grasp on sign language. Whether you’re a novice at sign language or want to kick-start your old skills, sign language apps provide an easy way to jump into hands-on learning.

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We have rounded up five sign language apps that iPhone and Android users can try out for free… Check out the list below and get signing today!

5 Free Sign Language Apps

1The ASL App

Discover over 800 signs and phrases with the ASL App, including country names, nature, dining, and money. Learn to sign with proper grammar and handshape gestures.

Get the App: iOS

2ASL American Sign Language

Learn the alphabet, numbers, commonly used phrases, and play word-matching games. Learn to sign about your health, discuss history, and have conversations with the help of the app’s tutorials.

Get the App: Android

3BSL British Sign Language

Want to learn British Sign Language instead? Use this app to learn signs for family, colors, questions and more—specific to British Sign Language.

Get the App: Android

4Sign Language!

Learn how to sign common phrases, fingerspell names and words, and learn proper sign language etiquette. You’ll be having conversations in no time!

Get the App: iOS

5Tiny Cards

Create your own flashcards or subscribe to an existing flashcard set to help you practice sign language. Bonus? This app isn’t just for learning a new language – it can be used to help you practice and study for anything you want to put on a flashcard.

Get the App: iOS | Android