Smart Bathroom Tech You Never Knew You Needed

Having a smart bathroom isn't just for the fabulously wealthy....

smart bathroom

The smart home trend is invading your bathroom, but in a good way. Your new smart bathroom could clean your toilet, reduce water usage, and make it easier to put your makeup on. This might sound like futuristic technology, but it all exists and it could transform your bathroom.

Smart Bathroom Tech for the 21st Century

Self-Cleaning Toilets

No one really enjoys getting on their hands and knees to clean a toilet. If you’d rather skip this chore, a self-cleaning toilet is your solution. While some public bathrooms are already using this smart bathroom tech, it’s now available for your home. For instance, American Standard’s ActiClean Toilet cleans with the press of a button and the New Waves Smart Toilet even goes far beyond just self-cleaning.

Depending on the type of smart toilet you get, you could also benefit from features, such as:

  • Automatic flushing or touchless flushing
  • Water saving features
  • Deodorizing
  • Heated seat
  • Built-in nightlight
  • Air dryer

Touchless Tech

Some toilets now have built-in sensors to automatically flush or flush with a wave of your hand. A smart bathroom could lead to fewer germs passed around when no one has to touch things.

For instance, the iTouchless Toilet Seat automatically opens and closes without any need to touch it. The well-known brand Kohler even has touchless flush kits and touchless faucets.

Smart Scales

Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Connected Scale

Even if you hate scales, a smart bathroom scale might not be so bad. When you step on one of these, you’ll not only get your weight, but overall body fat, water percentage, and more. What really sets these scales apart is they’re usually tied in to a fitness tracker, such as Fitbit, or app to help you better monitor your health.

Digital Showers

Want a shower that does more than just spray water over you? The wide range of options might just surprise you. For instance, the Chromatherapy Shower uses light therapy to help you relax. Want to control your shower from a simple panel? Choose the type of spray, temperature, amount of water used, and more with smart bathroom systems, such as the DTV Prompt Digital Showering System.

Music and TV While You Bathe

H2oVibe Rain Showerhead Jet with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The bathroom isn’t the most entertaining place, but what if you could listen to music or watch TV? Waterproof TVs and Bluetooth showerheads let you watch your favorite shows or sing along to your music without damaging your devices.

Conserve Water

If you want a simpler type of smart bathroom tech, the Water Pebble might be a great starting point. This small device helps you learn to conserve water. By sensing the water used, it teaches you better showering habits.

Embrace Natural Lighting

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro Wide View

Bathroom lighting isn’t ideal for putting makeup on. Smart bathroom mirrors change the lighting to different situations, such as natural sunlight, and even light up automatically when you approach. Some mirrors, such as the Simplehuman Sensor Mirror, are even cordless with a long lasting battery and lights.

Soon, your entire home will be smarter. A smart bathroom is just the next step.

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