Tech the Halls with Smart Holiday Decorations

Smart Holiday Decorations

‘Tis the season for making your home bright and merry with smart holiday decorations. No smart home would be complete without a little extra tech for the holiday season. From lights to ornaments, there’s something perfect to tech the halls this year.

Smart Holiday Decorations to Get Your Mitts on This Season

DIY LED Menorah

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An LED menorah may not seem like anything special, but a DIY menorah that automatically lights the correct number of bulbs for the given day is special. If you consider yourself a bit of a techie, consider building your with the Deluxe LED Menorah Kit, which starts at just $13.95. It’s a blast to build and impressive too. You can also try any of these modern menorahs too.

3D Printed Ornaments

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Hate the same glass balls and sparkly bells that you find in stores? With 3D printers, anything is possible. You can get your own 3D printer to print any ornaments your heart desires. If you need patterns and inspiration, check out all the great ornaments on Thingiverse and 3D Print.

If you want some truly smart holiday decorations, consider mixing your ornaments with an Arduino and program them to do exactly what you want.

Bluetooth Speaker Ornaments

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Forget normal speakers during the holidays. Go with Bluetooth speaker ornaments instead. Rock around the Christmas tree as it plays your favorite tunes. Sync multiple ornaments for a fuller sound. Some options to start include:

Of course, you have plenty of themed ornaments to choose from too.

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App-Enabled Lights

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App-enabled lights are some of the most entertaining smart holiday decorations you can buy. There are so many ways to customize your lights and create your own unique light shows. Of course, it’s all easy to do, even for beginners, from your smartphone. Control each individual light for a holiday you’ll never forget.

Some of the most popular options include:

Bring everyone together this season by creating your own holiday display using CheerLights. You’ll need a little tech expertise, but it’s a fun DIY project where the colors of the lights are controlled by Twitter users.

Solar-Powered Christmas Lights

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You might love decorating for Christmas, but you hate to see the power bill afterwards. By using solar energy, Christmas lights look great, but don’t cost a dime to run. You’ll need a bright, sunny place to place the solar charger. A few popular options include Solar Illuminations and Novelty Lights, though popular retailers like Amazon and Target also have multiple options to choose from.

Wemo Mini Smart Plug

Turn all your decorations into smart holiday decorations with the Wemo Mini Smart Plug. For just $34.99, you can control any decorations plugged into it with your smartphone. It also works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so you’re able to control your holiday lights with just your voice.


Monoprice Z-Wave Plugin from

With a Z-Wave hub and some smart plugs, you’re able to control all your holiday lights. Pair it with a compatible smart home hub, like Amazon Alexa or Google Home, and you could have your lights come on the moment you walk through the front door.

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