Smart Home Audio Systems for Every Household

Sound systems that consume your living space are long gone...

Smart Home Audio - feature

No home is complete without music and smart home audio systems are helping make it easier than ever to listen to your favorite tunes throughout your home. As with most smart gadgets, you’ll be able to control systems from your phone or tablet. With the growing market, you have ample options to find the perfect system for your home.

Using Smart Home Audio Systems

You don’t need a different stereo system in every room of your home to listen to music. With smart home audio systems, you may only need a speaker in each room. Control music from an app or with your voice.

They’re usually easy to set up and use. Plus, the systems are wireless, outside of a power adapter. This means no annoying cords to run.

Wireless Audio Systems

You shouldn’t have to run wires everywhere to set up an audio system. Wireless audio systems are the most popular form of smart home audio system. Set up a speaker wherever you want and control it from your phone or tablet.

Popular in Wireless Audio Systems:

Google Chromecast - smart home audioChromecast Audio

Turn any existing stereo with an AUX port into a wireless audio system. Cast your favorite playlists from your favorite device straight to your home audio system.

Bose SoundTouch 20

This compact Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-compatible speaker is controlled via the SoundTouch app on your smartphone or tablet. Easily stream your music from services like Spotify, Pandora, and your own saved music library.

Samsung Radiant360

Features 360 degree sound and is remotely controlled via the corresponding app. One app can control multiple Radiant360 speakers, so you can move through your home and still be in control of your music.

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Audio Communication Devices

Wouldn’t you love to just tell your smart home audio system what to play and it does exactly what you say? Audio communication devices are more than just audio systems. They work much like Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana. By using commands, you’re able to control music, get notifications, and control other devices in your home.

Popular in Smart Audio Communication Devices:

Amazon Echo

Use your voice to choose what to listen to and enjoy high-quality sound from the small speaker. It also integrates with smart home devices to control your thermostat, lights, and more with just your voice.

Google HomeGoogle Home - smart home audio

Say “OK Google” to control what music the device plays, ask the Google Assistant questions, and get information about your calendar. You can also control other smart devices in your home, even if you’re not right next to Google Home thanks to its powerful voice recognition design.



Works as a multi-room voice assistant that connects with other smart systems and services, such as Uber and Spotify. It’s slated to be a major Amazon Echo competitor and is available for pre-order now.

Home Systems

For music lovers, home systems are the perfect type of smart home audio system. These systems feature multiple speakers throughout your home and allow you to control music for each room or play music on all speakers at once.

Loxone features unobtrusive speakers that tuck away, while still providing clear sound. Customize how music plays from room to room, choose what plays at certain times of the day, and integrate with your lighting and doorbell. Control everything from a button, smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Loxone App - smart home audio
The Loxone App helps you control your smart home, easily.

Sonos is well known for high quality wireless speakers. Combine speakers throughout your home and control them easily from the corresponding app. Stream a single song throughout the home or different songs for different rooms. This system is easy to customize to your needs and even works in humid environments.

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