Smart Home Devices for DIY Security

DIY home security has never been easier...

With the increasing popularity of smart home devices, DIY security has never been easier. While some people like the monitoring a professional alarm system provides, many now prefer to monitor their own homes from the convenience of their mobile devices. DIY security set ups are great for home owners on a budget. While you may balk at the initial price of some of these smart home devices, think of what you would be saving on installation costs and subscription fees.


If you like the idea of building your own security system, but still want a security company to monitor it for you, SimpliSafe is for you. That being said, you can opt out of the monitoring service and monitor it from your smartphone yourself. Wireless security systems with cameras allow you to watch your home from wherever you are. Set up the camera and you’ll get a full range view of what’s happening, whether you’re at home or away. No matter where you set them up, you’ll be sure to have peace of mind that your house is protected.

You can also purchase additional SimpliSafe hardware to upgrade your DIY security system, such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.


DIY security
Image: Nucleus

While not specifically intended for security purposes, Nucleus can be extremely helpful in emergencies. It is a home intercom system where you can talk face-to-face with someone in another room. With just a click of a button you have a live feed into another room, like a child’s room, or a family member’s house, without someone needing to answer a call. This is a great DIY security option for those with elderly parents who still live on their own. It helps everyone stay safe, connected, and can be great just to keep an eye on a loved one.

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Smart Home Locks

There are a multitude of different options for smart home locks, ranging from key fob controlled locks, to smartphone controlled locks, and even touch screen and fingerprint locks. While they may have been a thing of secret agent movies, these types of smart home locks are the latest in home security. The August Smart Lock turns your smartphone in to your house key. You can even create smart keys for guests, and keep track of who is entering your house. Kwikset offers a similar product, and also has a conversion kit that turns your existing deadbolt in to a smart lock.

Amazon Echo

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Image: Amazon

You may have heard a lot of talk about Amazon Echo and it’s AI assistant Alexa. It can help you order online, answer a question, or make a phone call if connected to a cell phone. Alexa can be helpful in many different ways, but in a worst-case scenario, it can be there to call police or an ambulance for help with just a simple voice command. Say “Alexa dial 911,” and help is on the way.

These are just a few examples of smart home devices that can be used for home safety and DIY security. What technology do you think is most important for safety?

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