4 Smart Kitchen Gadgets That Actually Make Cooking Easier

The Internet of Things is cooking up great solutions for home chefs everywhere...

Smart Kitchen Gadgets Make Cooking Easier

Imagine having a kitchen gadget that works even harder than you do. It helps streamline your kitchen tasks and even turns you into a better cook. They’ll even connect to your mobile devices. You don’t have to dream anymore. These smart kitchen gadgets are so advanced, they’ll turn your kitchen into the kitchen of the future.

Smart Kitchen Gadgets – Drop Kitchen Connected Scale

Smart kitchen gadgets - Drop Kitchen ScaleBecome the cook you’ve always dreamed of with the Drop Kitchen Connected Scale. The wireless scale connects to your iOS device to help you create perfectly crafted dishes every time.

Start by finding a recipe on the corresponding app. Place your ingredients on the scale and it’ll tell you when you have the right amount. If you’re low on an ingredient, put it on the scale and the gadget will automatically adjust the recipe for what you do have.

Smart Kitchen Gadgets – Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal Brew With Wemo

Smart Kitchen Gadgets - Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal Brew WemoYou don’t have to wait for your coffee to brew anymore. The Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal Brew With Wemo is an easy-to-program, Wi-Fi enabled coffeemaker that brews coffee automatically on your schedule.

Use the Android or iOS app to set up daily schedules so your coffee is always ready when you are. Choose a slow brew and wake up to the fresh scent of coffee wafting through the house. You can even delay or cancel brew times or set up a new schedule while you’re away. The coffeemaker even sends you alerts about refilling the water and when your coffee’s ready.

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Smart Kitchen Gadgets – The Orange Chef Prep Pad

Smart Kitchen Gadgets - Orange Chef Prep PadWant to know the nutritional information on the ingredients you use to cook? The Orange Chef Prep Pad has you covered. This is one of the most unique smart kitchen gadgets, but highly useful for anyone watching their diet.

Simply add your ingredients to the scale and the nutritional data is displayed on the corresponding iOS app. The app lists fat, carbs, and protein. It’ll even give you data on what ingredients you’ve used during the week and overall nutritional information. You can even add the data to your Jawbone Up.

Smart Kitchen Gadgets – Paragon Induction Cooktop

Smart Kitchen Gadgets - Paragon Induction CooktopSmart kitchen gadgets can even replace your stove’s cooktop. Forget trying to guess if you’re cooking on the right temperature. The Paragon Induction Cooktop connects to an iOS app.

You choose what you’re cooking and the app sends cooking details to the cooktop. It’ll automatically change temperatures to cook your foods more evenly. You’ll even get notifications when your food is ready. The bad part is this gadget isn’t available until early 2016.

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