Smart Toys for 2017 and Beyond

Smart Toys for 2017

Toys have advanced rapidly over the last decade and the latest smart toys show just how far they’ve come. From bringing creations to life to taking over the sky, there’s a smart toy for every age and interest. Give your kids the gift of a smart and interactive toy this year.

Smart Toys for Kids and Kids at Heart

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Sound Moovz – $69.99

Cra-Z-Art is most well-known for their craft toys, but Sound Moovz is a bit unique. The musical wrist band pairs to your Bluetooth enabled Android or iOS device. The free app lets you choose from over 400 sounds that your child (or even you) can make whenever they move. With multiple modes, it’s a limitless ways for your child to make their own music.

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Nintendo Switch – $299

Nintendo Switch is more than just a gaming system. It’s also one of the most popular smart toys of 2017. Why be tied down to a console when you could take your games with you? As the name implies, you’re able to switch quickly and easily between a home console and a portable system. It’s also incredibly easy to add more players to your favorite games.

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Sky Viper Drone – $149.99

Drones are great, but what if your drone was smart enough to come back to you? The Sky Viper GPS Streaming Drone is ideal for beginners and experts alike. It records your GPS location and automatically returns to you with the press of a button. It’s also enabled with an auto-pilot mode to make it simple for beginners to fly. You don’t even have to worry about wind. It’ll automatically adjust for wind conditions too.

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Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio – $24.99

Play-Doh has always been fun, but now kids actually get to bring their creations to life (at least virtually). It’s one of the best smart toys for any kid who loves crafting with Play-Doh. Simply build your own creation, place it on the Shape to Life Studio, scan it with the free app, and watch it come to life. It works with iOS and some Android devices.

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Dance Code Belle – $99.99

Kids get the dance with Princess Belle and choreograph her dances themselves. With Dance Code Belle, kids start learning early coding skills. Use the Disney Princess Dance Code App to create unique dances. Of course, Belle dances without any programming too by just pressing her necklace.

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Lego Boost Creative Toolbox – $159.99

Build robots and play with Legos too? Who could say no to that! The Lego Boost Creative Toolbox allows you to build five different robot models that different interactive senors. Of course, this building kit goes a step further. All you need is a compatible tablet and the free app to start programming and controlling your robots. From carrying items to talking to you, imagination is the only limit here.

The models go beyond a standard robot. Kids also get to create a cat, guitar, and more. The sets are compatible with other Lego sets for truly unique creations.

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Edwin The Duck – $49.99

Even babies benefit from smart toys and that’s exactly who Edwin The Duck is designed for. The cute rubber ducky is more than just a bath time friend. It’s an app-connected duck that looks deceptively simple. Use it to help your baby drift off to sleep with soothing sounds and lullabies. Gradually dim the lights with the built-in nightlight. Of course, as a rubber duck, it’s waterproof and ideal for baths.

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Anki Cozmo – $149.99

Anki Cozmo might not look like much, but this small square robot contains a massive AI. No two Cozmos are the same. As the robot interacts with you, it evolves with a unique personality. All you need is a compatible iOS or Android device to get the fun started. Using drag and drop blocks, it’s easy to program Cozmo to do new things.

Anki plans to continuously update the free app to add more features to the tiny robot. New games and activities are in the works, so it’s not a toy that will get boring any time soon.

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Anki Overdrive – $149.99

Anki knows how to make incredible smart toys and Anki Overdrive is no exception. Though it actually gained popularity in 2016, it’s still on wishlists today. Race cars against an AI opponent or with friends using your smartphone. Build customized tracks with various expansions and accessories. Every car and truck has their own unique abilities for some sneaky tricks during races.

The latest edition in the Overdrive series is the new Fast & Furious bundle. It features cars and voices from the movies.

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First Order Stormtrooper Robot – $299.99

Ubtech Robotics lets you bring a Stormtrooper into your own home. It’s set to release in late November 2017. Just like a real Stormtrooper, you can program it to patrol your home and alert you of any unwanted intruders. It’s one of the most interactive Star Wars toys available. Not only can you talk to it, but it’ll also recognize your face. Don’t be surprised if you want to play with it as much as your kids.

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Teddy Ruxpin – $99.99

Teddy Ruxpin has come a long way from the interactive bear from the 80s. While he still looks almost the same, he’s gotten some major upgrades. As before, he sings and reads stories. But now, his eyes don’t just open and close. The LCD eyes feature over 40 animations and his mouth moves as he speaks. Use him with or without the app, but the app allows kids to read along with Teddy.

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Sphero 2.0 – $129.99

Sphero 2.0 is the most interactive ball you’ll ever own. The ball-shaped robot lights up, works as a controller for compatible apps, does tricks, and much more. The newest version is waterproof and pet proof, so you don’t have to worry if man’s best friend grabs it. With 30 available apps and even two included ramps, you’ll enjoy this toy as much as your kids. Additional accessories are available to help Sphere do even more cool stuff.

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While this isn’t an exhaustive list, these smart toys will keep you and your kids entertained for hours at a time.

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