How to Turn Your Smartphone into a Healthy Living Device

Sometimes you need a little nudge in the right direction...

In this day and age, there is no shortage of information. Almost anything we want to learn or know is right at our fingertips, especially now that smartphones are so prevalent.  These devices play a huge role in our lives, and this is no different when talking about our search to live healthily.

With a little adjustment, your smartphone can turn into your own personal health assistant, nudging you and prompting you towards a healthier, happier and more vibrant version of you.

Customize Your Healthy Living Device


Apps have been around since the dawn of the smartphone. However, with recent advancements in technology, they’re now more beneficial and useful to those with healthy living goals than ever before.

Whether you wish to follow or learn a diet, get into yoga or track fitness progress, you can achieve it via an app. For example, if you wanted to learn yoga or enhance your existing practice, you could use any number of the yoga apps available that will give you daily reminders, alerts, videos, audios and tutorials on everything you need to know about your chosen area of yoga.

healthy living device yogaAlternatively, if you’re interested in improving your mental health, you can use apps related to meditation, mindfulness and healthy thinking. These apps are quite helpful, but for them to fully function, they often require you to enter personal information, which could be risky if you don’t run your activity through a secure network or hide your IP address.


Alerts & Reminders

Alternatively, if you already know your health-related routines and information, you can take advantage of built-in smartphone features, such as alerts and reminders. Simply setting up recurring reminders to help you be healthier can be a big help because let’s face it, we all have the greatest of intentions for our health-related goals, but life can sometimes get in the way. Alerts and reminders take care of that issue, as they can be set to go off throughout the day and can be set up to work repeatedly.

For example, if you wanted to ensure that you’re drinking enough water throughout the day, you could set up daily reminders to go off to remind you to drink more water. It’s such a simple approach, yet it works wonders. Also, there’s a subtle feeling of satisfaction that comes from ticking off daily reminders as they come up.

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Whether you set up alerts to remind you to make a salad for the next day’s lunch, to get some exercise or to simply encourage you to keep up the good work, these frequent messages help us keep our health on the top of our minds.

Overall, turning your smartphone into a healthy living device is easy. Installing apps and filling out your requirements can be accomplished within minutes, and the same goes for setting up daily alerts and reminders.

The best solutions in life are supposed to be simple yet effective, and that’s what smartphones are all about. However, it’s surprising how many people don’t utilize the benefits and features that smartphones have to offer. Making technology work for you is making the most of all the benefits it offers and puts you in a position to make dramatic improvements to your life.

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Diamond is a health and tech blogger with a passion for smart devices. She also enjoys practicing yoga as part of her daily health routine and utilizes multiple yoga related apps.

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