Tips and Tricks for Facebook Messenger

Tips and Tricks for Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a great way to stay connected to friends and family, even if you don’t use Facebook. While you might just be chatting right now, there is much more you can do with Messenger. From adding colorful emoji to playing hidden games, the seemingly simple app is full of great and fun features.

Have Secret Conversations on Facebook Messenger

Ever wanted to have a conversation with someone, but wanted to keep the conversation from being seen by others? Facebook rolled out Secret Conversations in July 2016. The messages are encrypted and can only be opened by you and the recipient. You’re able to set a timer to have messages automatically delete.

Talk Face-to-Face

You don’t need FaceTime or Skype to video chat. Use Facebook Messenger instead. Simply tap the video icon from within a conversation to start a video call. Due to the feature’s popularity, group video chat is now available.

Play Mini Games

Love playing chess? Start a conversation with a friend, type @fbchess, and send it. This opens a chess game between the two of you. If you need help, type @fbchess help.

Chess not your style? Test your skills of swiping a basketball into a hoop with the hidden basketball game. Send the basketball emoji to anyone and click on it. This opens a fun and addictive game that will keep you trying for higher and higher scores. You can do the same thing with the soccer emoji.

Check for All Messages

You’ll have no problems seeing messages from friends, but what about someone else who wants to contact you? Facebook Messenger may filter out requests from those not on your contact list. If you want to view them, go to Settings > People > Message Requests > See Filtered Requests. These may also show up under Recent > New Message Requests.

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Leave a Voicemail

Sometimes a text message isn’t enough. Leave a voicemail on Facebook Messenger for someone to hear later. Tap the microphone icon, hold the Record button, and record your message. When you release the Record button, your message is immediately sent.

Go Beyond Text

Text is so boring sometimes, so why not spice up your conversations? The Facebook Messenger keyboard includes plenty of emoji and even a GIF search feature. If you love Giphy GIFs, try the Giphy for Messenger app, which allows you to easily search for and add Giphy GIFs to your conversations.

Interact With Chatbots

Hate talking to customer service? Talk to a chatbot instead. Many businesses have official chatbots to either have a silly conversation or perform a task, such as ordering flowers. With thousands of bots available, you might want to check this handy list to find the bot you’re looking for.

Check Message Status

Not sure if someone’s read your message on Facebook Messenger yet? Circles show the status of each message, such as:

  • Empty blue – Message is sending.
  • Empty blue with check – Message has sent.
  • Filled blue with check – Message was delivered.
  • Contact’s photo – Message was read.

If you’re reading or sending messages to someone not on your contact list, neither party will see a read notification.

Try some of these out the next time you’re chatting with friends on Facebook Messenger.

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