Ultimate Guide: e-Reading

Our guide to e-Books, e-Readers and reading apps...


Books will always reign supreme, but there is no denying the convenience of e-reading. E-Readers and reading apps make it easy to take a whole library with you on holiday or your commute to work. e-Books are perfect for those who are tight on space, and have run out of room for book shelves.

Whether you are looking for your first e-Reader, or trying to find a new novel for book club, we’ve gathered all of our e-reading articles in one convenient place.

Reading can be an expensive habit, so we’ve found the best places online to find free and cheap e-Books. Whether you are looking for contemporary writings or classic literature, you’ll be able to feed your literary addiction in an affordable way.

Discover new books to read, track your progress, or set yourself a reading challenge. Good reads is the perfect companion for those who love to read, whether it’s paper books, or on an e-Reader.

Kobo Aura. Image: Kobo

We’ve compared Kobo’s three e-Readers to help you choose the best one for your e-reading needs. From something simple, to something super, there’s a Kobo for everyone.

Why buy an e-Reader when you have a perfectly good tablet or smartphone? We’ve found four free apps for e-reading on your mobile devices.

Even if you love e-reading, you probably have a pretty good library of actual books too. Create an inventory of your e-Books, hard covers and paperbacks with any of these cataloging apps.

Not sure whether you want a Kindle or a Kobo? We compare battery life, screen quality, price and more to help you decide on the best e-Reader for you.

Amazon’s radical design change to the Kindle piqued our interest in the Oasis. Here we have reviewed the lightest, thinnest e-Reader in the Kindle line.

Your Kindle Fire e-Reader can be used for so much more than reading. Find out what you can do with this great tablet alternative.

Which Amazon e-Reader is Right for You?

The Kindle Classic is, well, a classic. Find out why it’s a great basic e-Reader for those who don’t need any frills or added functionality.

If you’re looking for a Kindle with great resolution and the ability to connect to Wi-Fi, look no further. Find out why Kindle Paperwhite is an excellent mid-grade e-Reader.

Feather-light and glare-free, this Kindle is perfect for those who want an e-reading experience that closely mimics reading a paperback.

Now that you know all about Kindle’s e-Readers, it’s time to make a decision. We lay out each of their unique features in a way that’s easy for you to compare the three.