Ultimate Guide: iPhone Tips

iPhone Tips

Whether you are new to iOS, or if you’ve had iPhones for years, there are always iPhone tips and tricks to be learned. Take a look through our iPhone articles for pointers, or solutions to common issues.

iPhone Tips & Tricks

There never seems to be enough battery power to get through the day, so here are some iPhone tips to stretch your phone’s battery life.

The one thing every iPhone user wants is a longer battery life. While iOS 11 has made some headway in that area, you still have a few things you can do to improve iPhone battery life… Read More

Learn how to customize your iPhone keyboard and make mobile communication easier and less time-consuming.

Have you ever wished you could use your iPhone keyboard faster? By taking advantage of iPhone keyboard shortcuts, you’ll type faster than ever before… Read More

Stop worrying about what will happen to your files if you lose your phone. Back them up with iCloud Drive.

Using iCloud Drive on iPhone is an ideal way to store all your files in a single location… Read More

These iPhone tips will get you out of the most common issues that people encounter, from frozen screen to font size. You’ll want to save this article for later.

Once you learn how to fix common iPhone problems, you’ll feel like you’re your own “genius” without rushing to the Genius Bar… Read More

Get up close and personal with your photo subject using an iPhone and these helpful tips.

In today’s era of smartphones, it is no surprise that the iPhone has become the primary camera that many use for photography… Read More

With Bluetooth, you can pair speakers, wireless earphones, keyboards and even your fitness tracker with your iPhone.

With this iPhone Bluetooth pairing guide, it’s easy to connect as many devices as you want without any annoying cables… Read More

You don’t need to keep your contacts separate if you have both an Apple and a Gmail account. Here’s how to sync contacts between accounts.

Follow this guide to sync iPhone contacts to Gmail and keep all of your important contacts available on all of your devices… Read More 

Here are a few iPhone tips to keep you from racking up significant data charges.

If you are constantly getting dinged with iPhone data usage coverage penalties on your bill, there are a few things you can try… Read More

By applying these little known iPhone tricks, you can enhance your iPhone experience and use your phone to its intended capacity.

Here are 8 fantastic uses and functions you never knew existed that will enhance your iPhone experience and make life easier and more fun… Read More

iOS-compatible Bluetooth hearing aids have been developed with Apple, and their features can be controlled from an iPhone.

Hearing aids are challenging in louder environments, and users sometimes find they need supplemental devices to help boost their hearing aids’ capabilities… Read More

It’s important to know how to force restart. It’s a last resort for when nothing else works.

Sometimes your iPhone doesn’t respond when you try to open an app or turn it off. As a last resort, the force restart iPhone method might be able to resolve the problem… Read More

Hopefully, you’ll never need Find My iPhone, but it’s always best to be prepared. Start right now by learning how to use it.

If the worst does happen, you may still be able to recover your phone without losing any of your data… Read More

If you love your iPhone but aren’t fond of the standard keyboard, Google has made a keyboard for iOS.

Gboard may take mobile typing to new heights, but Gboard settings give you the power to customize your experience… Read More