Ultimate Guide: Wi-Fi Problems – Solved!

No Wi-Fi? Say it ain't so!

Wi-Fi Problems

We often take Wi-Fi for granted. Nowadays it’s everywhere we go. However, when your Internet connection drops, or your game or video stream starts buffering, it can seem like the most annoying problem in the world.

Here’s a comprehensive list of our articles on Wi-Fi problems – for computers and mobile devices – and how you can easily resolve the issues your self.

A little troubleshooting is often all that’s needed to get a stronger, more reliable Wi-Fi signal throughout your entire home. Here are 6 simple ways to deal with a faint or dropped connection.

Windows 10 Wi-Fi issues happen from time to time, but with a little troubleshooting, they’re usually easy to fix. Learn all of the steps you can take to make sure Windows 10 Wi-Fi is working correctly.

Turning off Wi-Fi has become a popular tool for parents when they want to restrict Internet access and ensure that kids are getting time away from their screens. Read our article for other reasons why you might want to turn off Wi-Fi, and how to do it without unplugging the router.

Public Wi-Fi networks aren’t always as secure as your home network and could expose your computer or mobile device to cyber threats. Learn how to protect your self from these hidden dangers.

Among other things, this article provides instructions for what to do when your iPhone is having Wi-Fi problems and won’t automatically connect.

Find out how to use your smartphone to create Wi-Fi for your laptop, or other mobile devices. This is a great alternative to public Wi-Fi, or when Wi-Fi isn’t available.