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Using Google Docs for your documents means you’ll never make an unsaved edit again. Since Google Docs is cloud-based, you’ll never lose any of your hard work if your computer crashes. However, if you’re just creating basic documents, you’re missing out on some great features. Try some of the following tips to get more from Docs.

Finding and Adding Images

Want to quickly find an image without leaving your document? Go to Insert > Image and select Search. Search for images by keyword and usage type. If you already know what image you want to add, upload it from your computer, take a quick snapshot, or just enter the image’s URL. You can edit any image from within your document by double-clicking it.

Mastering Sharing

One of the biggest benefits of using Google Docs is easy sharing. You have full control over who can see and edit any document you create. Go to File > Share and select Advanced. This gives you more control over who has access, who can edit, and who can add new collaborators.

Collaborate With Comments

Instead of sending messages to fellow collaborators when using Google Docs, use the commenting feature. Click the comment icon on the formatting toolbar to add a comment. Others can reply to comments and even mark a comment as complete with a change is finished.

Create PDFs

If you want to send your finished document to someone, but don’t want them edit it, send it as a PDF. Go to File > Download As > PDF Document. No special software is necessary to create your own PDFs.

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Dictate Your Documents

Using Google Docs doesn’t mean you have to use your keyboard. Instead, dictate your next document. Go to Tools > Voice Typing. You can even dictate punctuation. Just be sure you have a working microphone.

Work With Office Files

Google doesn’t keep Microsoft Office files in their native formats. If you want to keep the original format, you’ll need to open Google Docs in Chrome. You’ll also need to download and install a Chrome extension called Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides.

Embed Documents

Forget attachments when using Google Docs. Embed your documents on websites or include a link to the document within an email. Go to File > Share > Get a shareable link to share the link. Go to File > Publish to the web to create a code to place on a website.

Using Google Docs Add-ons

Get more from using Google Docs by installing add-ons. Go to Add-ons > Get add-ons to view and install various add-ons. These add new features to make creating specialized documents easier.

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